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1) Personal info

Born in Rome on 10 May 1961. Italian citizen.

2) Studies

1980-86, Bachelor Degree in Mathematics cum laude, La Sapienza University of Rome.

1986-87, fellowship of the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica, Rome.

1987-1991, PhD in Mathematics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Thesis: "Incidence-geometric, topological and order properties of some special varieties"), supervisor Prof. Giuseppe Tallini.

1987-88, fellowship of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche at the University of Hannover, Germany.

3) Academic career

11/1990 - 10/1992 – Assistant professor, Faculty of Sciences, University of Udine.

11/1992 - 9/2005 - Associate Professor of Geometry, Faculty of Engineering, University of Padua.

Since 10/2005 – Full professor of Geometry, Faculty of Engineering, University of Padua.

Teaching Linear Algebra and Geometry, Calculus and Probability.

4) Research projects

1990-95 Project financed by N.A.T.O. (University of Rome "La Sapienza", Hannover, Udine, Padua).

1992-93 "Vigoni" project between Italian and German Universities ("La Sapienza" University of Rome, Hannover, Udine, Padua).

1999-2001 Project "Universal Embeddings of Generalized Schubert Varieties" in the context of scientific cooperation between Italy and Austria (Catholic University of Brescia, Padua, Rome "La Sapienza", Vienna "TUW").

1997-2006 Italian research project P.R.I.N. "Geometric structures, combinatorial and their applications" funded by M.I.U.R.

2010-2012 Research project of the University of Padua.

2010-2012 Head of Local Unit of P.R.I.N. 2008 "Incidence and combinatorial structures"

2014-2017 Head of Local Unit of P.R.I.N. 2012 "Geometric Structures, Combinatorics and their Applications"

5) Other activities

9/1995 One of the organizers of the "XV congress of the Italian Mathematical Union", University of Padua.

9/2005 Organizer of the "Giornate di Geometria" congress, Vicenza.

3/2011 Organizer of the "Giornata di Geometria" congress, Vicenza.

2/2012 Organizer of the "Giornate di Geometria" congress, Vicenza.

9/2013 Organizer of the “Workshop & Summer School on Finite Semifields”, Padua.

Organizer and member of the scientific committee of the "Combinatorics 2018" congress, Arco (TN).

Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt für Mathematik (until 2009).

Referee for various mathematical periodicals.

Collaborator in the organization of the Engineering courses.

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Geometry.

6) Memberships

Italian mathematical association “U.M.I.”

National Group for Algebraic and Geometric Structures and their applications of the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica.

7) Research interests

* Topological and ordered semilinear spaces - Characterization of special varieties
* Universal embeddings
* Finite geometries
* Combinatorial properties of classical geometries


Office hours

  • Thursday from 14:30 to 15:30
    at Nello studio in via S. Nicola 3