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Ricercatore a tempo det. art. 24 c. 3 lett. B L. 240/2010






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Research Area

Intuitive physics, Psychophysics, Visual perception of physical events, Causal perception and cognition, Multisensory processes (weight illusions), SNARC effect, Apllications of mathematics to psychology, Research methods in psychology, Statistics, Psychometrics.

Thesis proposals


- Intuitive physics
- Causal perception and causal reasoning
- Perception of velocity
- Relationships between social and perceptual processes
- Weight perception and weight illusions (size-weight illusion, material-weight illusion)
- Spatial representation of non-numerical quantities


- Inter-rater agreement in clinical assessment
- Information Integration Theory and Functional Measurement
- Psychophysical methods
- Mathematical psychology

- Only experimental thesis are accepted. The thesis can be integrated with the internship.