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1992: PhD in Psychology
1984: Degree in Psychology

1993: Qualification and registration in the Register of Psychologists - Bolzano (No. 04BZ128)

2005 - today: associate professor
1995 - 2005: researcher

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board “Doctorate in Brain, Mind and Computer Science", from the XXX cycle to the present.

2017 - today: Deputy Director of the Department of General Psychology
2016 - today: President of the Joint Student-Teaching Commission of the School of Psychology
2014- Referent of the Department for the "U-Multirank 2015" University project
2012-2016 Referent for the teaching of the Department of General Psychology
2012-2016: President of the Degree Course Council in "Cognitive Psychological and Psychobiological Sciences

OTHER (collaborations, membership in scientific societies)
Ad hoc Reviewer: Cortex, Neuropsychology, Psychological Research, Biological Psychology, Experimental Brain Research, Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, Brain, Italian Journal of Psychology, Testing - Psychometrics - Methodology

Membership of Professional and Scientific Societies:
- Italian Association of Psychology (AIP)
- European Society for Cognitive Psychology Psychology Human (ESCoP)

Teaching training
2018: Training course "New requirements and procedures for the initial and periodic accreditation of the venues and courses"
- Integrating ICT in university teaching. Final seminar of the ITEDU 2015/2016 research project
- "Learner centered teaching and teaching perspectives" workshop
- Workshop "Sharing practices and methods to create active learning for young adult learners"
- Workshop "Introducing the ADDIE Method for Instructional Design".


Office hours

  • Monday from 17:00 to 18:00
    at Modalità telematica
    Il ricevimento avverrà in modalità telematica tramite zoom: Collegatevi al link alle 17.



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Once your article has published online, it will be available at the following permanent link:
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Research Area

Attention: assessment and rehabilitation
Executive functions: assessment and rehabilitation
Prospective Memory: assessment and rehabilitation
Time perception