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He graduated on july 20th, 1988 with a score "110/110 e lode" and he got the PhD on september 22nd, 1993. In 1994 he was a winner at the trial for a resercher position at Physics Institute of Padova University.
His scientific activity begun with the participation in the DELPHI experiment at the LEP collider. In the period 1987-1990 he participated to test, calibration and installation of the forward electromagnetic calorimeter FEMC of the experiment.
During the following years he contributed to the analysis of collected data, mainly studying final states containing "b" quarks; Z->b-bbar partial width and b->l semileptonic decay branching ratio are among the obtained results.
In late 90's he begun to work to the drift tube chamber system of the CMS experiment at the LHC collider. In the beginning he participated to test beam activities of chamber prototypes and data analysis.
During years 2001 to 2004 he contributed to the mantainance and developement of a tool for the on-line analysis of collected data.
Since 2005 he's responsible for database usage for the DT system in the CMS experiment.
In 2011-12 he contributed to the analysis of events collected during the first run of LHC and CMS aimed to the search for events with asscoated production of supersymeetric Higgs and b-bbar; this allowed to set limits to the parameters of supersymmetric standard model.
Since 2013 he contributes to the analysis of events collected by CMS experiment focussed on the measurement of quantities of interest in the "b" quark sector.
Since 2016 until 2021 he's been a member of the coordination group for b-physics studies in the CMS experiment, with the responsibility for "software" tools.