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She teaches Public Policy Evaluation and Performance Evaluation at the Department of Political, Legal, and International Studies of the University of Padua.
Since 2017, Head of the Food Regulation Module, as part of the Food Toxicology and Food Regulation Course, Master's Degree Course in Food Biology (BAL)

Member of the Department Research Ethics Commission.
Former member of the Research Observatory and of the University Research Quality Commission

Main fields of study and research:
• Governance of environmental conflicts for renewable energies
• Strategic planning and monitoring of individual and organizational administrative performance. Evaluation of public policies and public reporting systems
• The democratic governance of energy policies in Europe
• The regulation of public utility services (SGEI) by independent Authorities: participatory regulation and consumer protection tools

2022- Head of the Local Unit of the National Relevance Project (PRIN) entitled: Cybersecurity as public policy.
2021 - Head of Research Project (PON-REACT 2021) on - The impact of democratic collaborative governance on the energy transition.
2021- Partners of the Erasmus + project for the development of an educational tool on Nudge - Nudge My Tour - which includes the development of a laboratory for the use of behavioral economics techniques to make the use of tourism more sustainable in times of crisis.
2019- Coordinates, "Laboratory in the Municipality" for the evaluation of the impact of the student community on the city of Padua: the waste production and collection system
2017 Scientific Coordinator of the national project Funded by the RubesTriva National Foundation - Occupational Safety and Environment (recognized bilateral body) relating to the project on: “Workers, Safety and Organizational Wellbeing in environmental services. Variables and mechanisms for the production of public value ",
2017 Scientific coordinator of the research project: Policies and construction of the European space. Identity, cleavages and borders.
2015 - Head of the evaluation research project "The policies for Venetian identity", commissioned by the Observatory for spending and public policies of the Veneto Regional Council.
2014-2016- Head of the comparative research project - Leadership in regulation. How the independent authorities account for what they do and the results they achieve: the authorities of the communications sector in Italy, the United Kingdom and France.
2012-14 Head of the University Project entitled "Independent regulation and protection of rights in the telecommunications and media sector: a comparative analysis between Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain and France".
2010-12 Head of a comparative research on the developments of New Public Management (NPM) in the Italian Regions (Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna): the research focuses on the organizational evolution of regional executives and of the recruitment, remuneration and evaluation systems staff and regional management in light of major reforms.
2007/09 Head of Research Unit within a project of national importance (PRIN) entitled: "The impact and results of the privacy protection policy". The research analyzes in particular the institutionalization process of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data and the impact that its policies have had on the public administration. and on the private sector.


Office hours

  • Thursday from 11:30 to 12:30
    at Via del Santo 28

  • Wednesday from 11:30 to 12:30
    at Via del Santo 28



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