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- 1982: graduated in Physics at the Padua University on July 22th with a score of 110/110.
- 1987: obtained on July 10th the PhD discussing the thesis “The quasi-elastic nucleon transfer in the systems 32,36S+58,64Ni and the influence of these processes on the fusion reaction mechanism below the Coulomb barrier"

- 1983: one-year fellowship at the Technische Universitaet Munich, Germany
- 1986-1989: INFN contract at the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
- 1989: permanent position as a researcher at the Department of Physics "G. Galilei" of the Padua University
- 1993: confirmed in the role of researcher.
- 2005: associate professor of physics at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Padua
- 2009: confirmed in the role of associate Professor

Research activities:
The research activity has been mostly devoted to the experimental study of heavy-ion nuclear reactions at energies around the Coulomb barrier at Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro INFN.
Valuable contributions were brought to the development of particle detection techniques, in particular to the design and construction of the large acceptance magnetic spectrometer for heavy ions PRISMA.
Experimental research has been carried out in the field of low-energy heavy ion reactions. In particular the dynamics of fusion reactions below the Coulomb barrier has been the object of several studies. In parallel two-body reactions have been investigated using Time of Flight spectrometers and more recently the magnetic spectrometer PRISMA.
A research program was carried out using PRISMA
coupled to arrays of gamma-ray detectors (Clara and Agata) with the aim of studying the structure of neutron-rich nuclei, populated by means of binary
reactions such as multi-nucleon transfer and deep inelastic processes.
Collaborations are in progress with researchers of the Univ. of Strasbourg, the RBI of Zagreb, the Inst. of Nucl. Phys. of Cracow and Argonne National Lab. .

Scientific responsibilities:
- 1993-1998: responsible for Padua of the “PISOLO” experiment, funded by INFN and devoted to studies of transfer reaction between heavy ions;
- 2000-2006 coordinator of the Experimental Nuclear Physics Group of the INFN- Padua Section.
- 2006-2009: responsible of the research project funded by the Univ. of Padua: "Nuclear structure and reaction dynamics near the Coulomb barrier with stable and radioactive ion beams” (budget ex 60%)
- 2009-2010: responsible of the “Progetto di Ateneo” concerning “Production of radioactive beams with the batch mode technique, using the SPES ciclotron of the LNL for the studies of nuclear structure and reaction dynamics between heavy ions”;
- since 2014: participation at the “Progetto di Ateneo” concerning “Investigation
of the heavy-ion fusion hindrance with the facility EXOTIC”
- since 2012: national responsible of the “PRISMA-FIDES” experiment, funded by INFN and devoted to studies of fusion and transfer reaction between heavy ions;

Tutorial activities:
- responsible for the research activities of three fellows: Paolo Mason (2005-2009), Francesco Recchia (2010-2011) and Rosanna Depalo (dal 2015);
- supervisor of four PhD theses:
“Measurement of Neutron-induced fission Cross-Sections for next generation reactors” (Dott. Marco Calviani)
“Study of Osmium neutron capture cross section for the application to Re/Os cosmochronometer” (Dott.ssa Kaori Fujii)
“Nuclear structure evolution far from stability: study of 74Ni collectivity by Coulomb excitation” (Dott.


Office hours

  • Friday from 16:00 to 18:00
    at Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, via Belzoni 7
    e' preferibile fissare un appuntamento