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She graduated in Psychology, General and Experimental field, in 1992, and received her PhD in 1997. She was a research fellow, then lecturer (since 2002) at the Department of General Psychology, University of Padua, where she is currently Associate Professor (since 2015).

She is the president of the Master's program in Applied Cognitive Psychology, Director of the Specialization program in School Psychology, Departmental Contact Person for Teacher Education, Equal Opportunity and Gender Equality, member of the following committees: Final Dissertations, Library, Scientific.

Author of numerous articles in international journals, chapters in books and textbooks for universities, she is executive Editor of Teaching and Teacher Education and regular referee of several international journals in the area of the promotion of emotional-motivational aspects, including Learning and Individual Differences, Personality and Individual Differences, Teachers and Teaching, Motivation and Emotion, and Learning and Instruction.

He teaches in two bachelor's degree programs, one master's degree program, in three master's degree programs, in graduate schools, and in the teacher education track.

Her research topics mainly concern the promotion of motivation and well-being with a particular focus on the school context.

She has been the owner of a research project on effects of motivational instruction, a member of others and is currently responsible for a case study of a European project, a member of a PRIN and coordinator of three research groups at the international level. She is also a member of several scientific associations and of the OPV working group on school psychology.


Research lines for PhD Students

1) Fostering a motivating teaching style
2) Favoring motivation and well-being

Office hours

  • Monday from 16:00 to 18:00
    Per una migliore organizzazione si suggerisce prenotazione.



Main publications in international journals (see full list attached)

Moè, A., & Katz, I. (2022). Need satisfied teachers adopt a motivating style: The mediation of teacher enthusiasm. Learning and Individual Differences, 99, 102203
Katz, I., Alesi, M., & Moè, A. (2022). Homework stress and learning disability: The role of parental shame, guilt, and need frustration. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 37(4), 231–241.
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Moè, A. (2022). Does the weekly practice of recalling and elaborating episodes raise well-being in university students? Journal of Happiness Studies, 23(7), 3389–3406.
Raccanello, D., Brondino, M., Moè, A. (2022). Malleability beliefs shape mathematics-related achievement emotions: The mediating role of emotion regulation in primary school children. Learning and Individual Differences, 97, 102177.
Moè, A., Hausmann, M., & Hirnsten, M. (2021). Gender stereotypes and incremental beliefs in STEM and non-STEM students in three countries. Relationships with performance in cognitive tasks. Psychological Research, 85, 554-567.
Moè, A. (2021). Doubling mental rotation scores in high school students: Effects of motivational and strategic trainings. Learning and Instruction, 74, 101461.
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Moè, A., & Katz, I. (2020). Self-compassionate teachers are more autonomy supportive and structuring whereas self-derogating teachers are more controlling and chaotic: The mediating role of need satisfaction and burnout. Teaching and Teacher Education, 96, 103173

Research Area

Fostering motivation and well-being

Motivation, emotion, and emotion regulation in learning and teaching

Enthusiasm and its effects

Thesis proposals

Master degree

Topics for research theses
1. Assessment and promotion of motivation and well-being
2. The motivational style: predictors and effects

I encourage to contact me before to better understand the type of proposal and define the timing.


Rarely I accept original research ideas. In the main I propose a bibliographic review on a topic to be agreed on.