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Giovanni Mattei is Full Professor in Physics since 2011 at the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy (DFA) of the University of Padova (UniPD), Padua, Italy.
He is Principal Investigator of the Nanostructures Group (NSG) at DFA and his main research interests are in nanophotonics and nanotechnologies. He is Scientific Coordinator of the Low Energy Ion Implantation Lab at the INFN-LNL National Laboratories, Padua.

2011-today: Full Professor in Physics, UniPD
2017-oggi: Honorary Professor at Amity University, India
2006-2011: Associate Professor in Physics, UniPD
2001-2006: Assistant Professor in Physics, UniPD
1998-2000: PostDoc Fellowship-DFA, UniPD
1992-1994: Research Grant-CNR-LAMEL Bologna, Italy

1998: PhD in Physics -Dept of Physics, UniPD
1992: Specialization in Physics-Dept of Physics, Univ. of Bologna
1991: MSc Degree in Physics (cum laude)-Dept of Physics, Univ. of Bologna

Academic appointments
2023-now: vice-Coordinator of the Doctoral Course in Materials Science and Technology, MST
2017-2023: Coordinator of the Doctoral Course SIMN
2018-now: Academic Coordinator for the Double Degree Program in Materials Science
2015-2017: President of the BSc and MSc Programs in Materials Science
2014-2016: vice-Coordinator of the Doctoral Course in Science and Engineering of Materials and Nanostructures (SIMN)
2008-2013: vice-Coordinator of the Doctoral Course in Materials Science and Engineering (SIM)
2015-oggi: Member of the Executive Board of CEASC (Centro per l’Analisi e i Servizi per la Certificazione), UniPD
2008-2014: Member of the Scientific Board of CUGAS (Centro Universitario per le Grandi Attrezzature scientifiche ), UniPD
2009-2012: Member of the Board of Directors of the University of Padova, UniPD

Scientific Activity
He is or has been coordinator or participant in national and European projects.
Among his research topics: (i) study of the interaction between quantum emitters and nanostructures for the control of their quantum efficiency; (ii) nanophotonics and light-matter interaction at the nanoscale; (ii) synthesis and modelling of metamaterials and innovative nanostructures for quantum technologies, single photon sources, nanolasers and photocatalysis.
He is Member of the International Committee of the Conference Radiation Effects in Insulators (REI) (2003-present).
He has been Guest Editor of the Journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods B (Elsevier).
He has been in the Executive Board of the working group ‘Plasmonics and Nano-optics’ of the Italian Society of Optics and Photonics (SIOF).

He authored about 300 publications on ISI Journal and various chapters in scientific books.
Presently, he has a h-index of 42 with about 6600 citations (source Scopus)

He holds two international patents.

2013-now: Introduction to Nanophysics (6 CFU)-MSc in Physics
2009-now: Fundamentals of Nanoscience (4 CFU)-MSc in Materials Science and Materials Engineering
2009-now: Fisica dello Stato Solido (8 CFU)-BSc in Materials Science
2011-2015: Nanophotonics (3 CFU)-PhD in Physics
2008-2010: Fisica Quantistica (6 CFU)-MSc in Materials Engineering
2007-2009: Laboratorio di Fisica delle Nanostrutture (8 CFU)-Galilean School of Higher Education, UniPD
2006-2008: Proprietà Ottiche di Nanocluster (1 CFU)-PhD in Materials Science and Engineering
2002-2009: Fisica dei Materiali (6 CFU)-MSc in Materials Science and Engineering
1999-2008: Fisica Generale 1 (6 CFU)-BSc in Materials Engineering


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The Publication list can be found at the IRIS database of the University of Padova al link:

Research Area

The research activity is carried out in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology in particular related to nanophotonics and light-matter interaction at the nanoscale. Recent research topics include:

- Emitter-nanostructure interaction
- Development of plasmonic nanolasers
- Linear and nonlinear optical properties of metamaterials and Epsilon-Near-Zero (ENZ) materials
- Development of single photon sources
- Nanostructures for photocatalysis
- Simulation, nanofabrication and characterization of innovative nanostructures

Thesis proposals

Experimental thesis in Physics and Materials Science about nanophotonics and light-matter interaction at the nanoscale for the development of single photon sources, quantum technologies and nanolasers.