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Igor Guardiancich is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Law, and International Studies (SPGI) of the University of Padua. He has worked in academic institutions (University of Michigan, University of Southern Denmark, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Central European University, Scuola Normale Superiore, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies) as well as in international organizations and NGOs, such as the International Labour Organization, European Commission, European Trade Union Institute, the Observatoire social européen, and so on.

Guardiancich’s research is focused on political economy, public and social policy, European integration, transition in Central and Eastern Europe, social dialogue and industrial relations. His work includes the monograph Pension Reforms in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe: From Post-Socialist Transition to the Global Financial Crisis published by Routledge in 2013, and the volume co-edited together with Oscar Molina in 2017 for the ILO, entitled Talking through the Crisis: Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations Trends in Selected EU Countries. In addition to these books, he has published in highly ranked international peer-reviewed journals, such as European Union Politics, Governance, Journal of Common Market Studies, Regulation & Governance, Socio-Economic Review, West European Politics and several others.


Office hours

  • Monday from 12:45 to 14:00
    at Ufficio in via del Santo 28, secondo piano


Articles since 2019

- I. Guardiancich and O. Molina. 2021. From Gradual Erosion to Revitalization: National Social Dialogue Institutions and Policy Effectiveness in Comparative Perspective. European Journal of Industrial Relations,
- G. Meardi and I. Guardiancich. 2021. Back to the Familialist Future: The Rise of Social Policy for Ruling Populist Radical Right Parties in Italy and Poland. West European Politics,
- I. Guardiancich and D. Natali. 2021. German and Italian Pensions: Similar Roots, Different Reform Paths, Comparable Trajectories? German Politics,
- I. Guardiancich and M. Guidi. 2020. The Political Economy of Pension Reforms in Europe under Financial Stress. Socio-Economic Review,
- M. Guidi, I. Guardiancich and D. Levi-Faur. 2020. Modes of Regulatory Governance: A Political Economy Perspective. Governance, 33, no. 1, 5-19.
- D. Natali and I. Guardiancich. 2020. Introduzione: Le politiche pubbliche nell’era digitale. Rivista italiana di politiche pubbliche 19, no. 1: 101-122.
- I. Guardiancich and M. Guidi. 2020. Vincolo esterno e pensioni in Italia: Il ruolo del Semestre europeo. Rivista italiana di politiche pubbliche 19, no. 2: 207-226.
- I. Guardiancich and Y. Ghellab. 2020. Consigli economici e sociali e futuro del lavoro: Situazione attuale e definizione di un’agenda di ricerca. Rivista italiana di politiche pubbliche 19, no. 1: 5-21.
- M. Guidi and I. Guardiancich. 2019. Il Semestre europeo e le pensioni. La Rivista delle Politiche Sociali / Italian Journal of Social Policy, 16, no. 3: 119-137.
- I. Guardiancich. 2019. La riforma del welfare in Italia a cavallo della crisi: Cause, caratteristiche ed esiti. Stato e mercato, 39, no. 2: 249-270.
- I. Guardiancich and D. Natali. 2019. Tra disintermediazione e concertazione: La difficile alternanza del policy-making sulle pensioni in Italia. Stato e mercato, 39, no. 2: 271-296.