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Office hours

  • Monday from 15:00 to 18:00
    at Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale, via Venezia 8, edificio "Psico1", sesto piano, stanza 021
    Il ricevimento di lunedì 15/01/2024 è annullato. Il ricevimento si svolge in presenza e -su richiesta- via zoom (Meeting ID: 183-228-270). Chi vuole partecipare al ricevimento via zoom è invitato farmi sapere con qualche giorno anticipo la sua necessità di un colloquio da remoto.


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Research Area

Auditory perception and psychophysics. Psychology of music. The relationship between auditory performance and cognitive performance. The cognitive abilities of musicians.

Thesis proposals

- Auditory perception, audiovisual perception, psychology of music, psychoacoustics and psychophysics.
- The relationship between audition and cognition, music and cognition.
- History of psychology of the University of Padova.
- Replication crisis in psychological research: identical replication of classic experiments with pre-pregistration and/or registered reports.

I recommend student projects that replicate existing literature studies, in particular for bachelor students. The student will be asked to select a study from the literature that s/he can reproduce autonomously, then s/he will be asked to replicate the study.