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2017–21 Professor of International Law, School of Law, University of East Anglia
2014-7 Senior Researcher, School of Law, University of Lausanne
2008–14 Associate Professor, School of Law, VU University Amsterdam
2005–8 Lecturer, International law, School of Law, University of Glasgow
1999–2005 Lecturer, Faculty of Political Science, University of Padua
1989–93 Degree in Political Science (110/110), University of Padua
1993–4 LLM in International Law, University of Nottingham
1995–9 PhD in International Law, University of Padua

• Founding editor, International Investment Law Series (Nijhoff-Brill) 2012
• Senior editor, Leiden Journal of International Law (CUP) 2008-16
• Scientific board, Journal on the Use of Force and International Law (Taylor Francis) since 2015
• Scientific board, La ricerca del diritto nella comunità internazionale (Scientifica) since 2014
• Scientific board, Questions of International Law (Scientifica) 2015-20
• University of Padua, President School of Economics and Political Science, since 2021
• University of Padua, Member of board of the doctoral programme “International Law and Private and Labour”, since 2018
• Member of the UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowships (UKRI FLF) 2018-21
• University of East Anglia, School of Law, Acting director LLM on Commercial Dispute Resolution, 2019-20
• University of Lausanne, Co-director of a 3-year Research Project financed by the Swiss National Research Foundation (FNS), 2014-7
• VU University Amsterdam, School of Law, Co-director of the master “Law and Policy of International Security”, 2008-14
• VU University Amsterdam, Member of the Committee accreditation of master on International Law and Security by the Ministry of Education, 2008
• University of Glasgow, School of Law, Member of the management team of master programmes
• University of Manchester, External examiner, since 2018
• University of Southampton, External, Validation of LLM programmes, 2019
• University of Milan, International assessor, Department of International Law, 2015
• Italian National Scientific Qualification, Full professor 2018
• Legal consultant for governments in investment arbitration (ICSID, ICC and UNCITRAL)
• Legal consultant for governments and national associations on matters of public international law
• Consultant United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
• Invited expert, United Nations Conference Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
• OSCE, Election observer, Bosnia-Herzegovina (1996), Albania (1997)
• UN Centre for Human Rights, Intern, International Treaties Branch, March – July 1995
• Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, 2015 - current
• University of Cagliari, June 2021
• University of Trento, 2017 - current
• World Trade Institute – University of Bern, Doktoratsprogramme universitäre Hochschulen 2017-20, September 2019
• Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, 2012–19
• Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Chongqing, April 2010
• University of Trento (Italy), June 2009
• University of Bristol (Socrates Programme), January 2004
• University of Geneva (CNR – FNS), June 2001 and March 2003
• University of Oxford (CNR), October 2001
• Academy of International Law, The Hague, 2000


Office hours

  • Thursday from 14:00 to 15:00
    at Stanza 2.13 Via del Santo 77


Monographs and edited books
• Interpretation of International Investment Treaties (Hart Publishing, 2016)
• Public Participation and Foreign Investment Law. From the Creation of Rights and Obligations to the Settlement of Disputes (Brill, 2021), editor with A. Kent, E. de Brabandere
• International Law as a Profession (CUP, 2017), editor with J. d’Aspremont, A. Nollkaemper, W. Werner
• Foreign Investment in the Energy Sector: Balancing Private and Public Interests (Brill, 2014, editor with E. De Brabandere
• International Investment Law: The Sources of Rights and Obligations (Brill, 2012), editor with E. De Brabandere
• The Use of Force in International Law (Ashgate, 2011), editor with N. Tsagourias
• The Changing Rules on the Use of Force in International Law (MUP, 2005)
Articles – chapters (2016-21)
• Catalonian Independence Claim. An Analysis from the Standpoint of International Law, Spanish Yearbook of International Law (2021) 4
• Beyond Protection: The Role of the Home State in Modern Investment Treaties, in C. Titi (ed.), Public Actors in International Investment Law - European Yearbook of International Economic Law (2021) 19
• Interpretation of Awards: Investment Arbitration, Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Procedural Law (at, 2021)
• The Autonomous Community of Catalonia and International Law, 31 Revue suisse de droit international et européen (2021) 3
• Rethinking the promotion and protection of foreign investments: South Africa’s Protection of Investment Act 22 of 2015, in Y. Ngangjoh Hodu, M. Mbengue (eds.), African Perspectives in International Investment Law (MUP, 2020) 131
• Reconsidering Multilingualism in EU Trade and Investment Agreements in the Light of the Relocation Case (with A. Pietrobon) 12 Journal of European Legal Studies (2020) 43
• Beyond Antagonism: Legal Protection of Foreign Investment in the Natural Resources Sector, 9 European Yearbook International Economic Law (2019) 113
• Regional Courts and the Development of International Investment Law, in M. Kamto, M. Mbengue, C. Maia (eds.), Tribunaux régionaux et développement du droit international (Pedone, 2019) 75
• Travelling the Domestic Route. The South African Investment Act 2015, 25 African Journal of International and Comparative Law (2018) 242
• Intervention in Iraq’s Kurdish Region: Operation Provide Comfort and the Creation of the No-fly Zones (1991-8), in T. Ruys, O. Corten (eds.), International Law and the Use of Force: A Case-based Approach (OUP, 2018) 469
• Provisional Measures in ICSID Arbitration. From “Wonderland’s Jurisprudence” to Informal Modification of Treaties, 17 Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals (2017) 159 (with R. Kolb)
• Role of Sub-Regional Organizations in the Promotion and Protection of Foreign Investment in Africa, 18 Journal of World Investment & Trade (2017) 449 (with E. Denters)
• Teaching International Law in the Age of Communication (editorial), 29 Leiden Journal of International Law (2016) 971
• The Practice and Interpretation of “Umbrella Clauses” in the Latin-American Experience, in A. Tanzi, A. Asteriti (eds.), International Investment Law in Latin America: Problems and Prospects (Brill, 2016) 341
• The Protection of Minorities at the Origins of the Notion of Erga Omnes Obligations, in Mélanges en l’honneur du Professeur Barbara Wilson (Schulthess, 2016) 14