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Born in 1980

2005: Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Techniques, University of Padova

2006-2009: PhD in Molecular Sciences (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Padova

2007-2008: Visiting PhD student at the Dept. of Laboratory Medicine, Div. of Pathology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

2009-2012: Post-Doc at the Dept. of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, University of Padova

2012-2017: Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry (CHIM/08)

2017-present: Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry (CHIM/08)

V. Gandin research interests are in the Medicinal Chemistry field. Presently, her research work is principally focused on the development of target-specific antitumor agents. By means of suitable molecular, subcellular and cellular model systems, these researches ultimately aim at identifying structure-activity relationships (SARs) and novel lead anticancer agents with improved pharmacological properties in comparison with the reference chemotherapeutic drugs. A great interest is focused on the recognition of the chemical features and biological mechanisms accounting for the antitumor activity of new antitumor agents.
V. Gandin is co-author of 80 scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals (h-factor: 24), two book chapters and of more than 100 communications at National and International Conferences (some of which upon invitation). She is co-inventor in two pharmaceutical patents.
She is a member of the Italian Chemical Society (Rome, Italy) and of the Interuniversity Society for Research on Metal Chemistry in Biological Systems (Bari, Italy).


Office hours

  • Tuesday from 9:30 to 10:30
    at Edificio A, piano terra, stanza n. 25
    Il docente riceve tutti i giorni su appuntamento (concordato via email).



Research Area

The research activity principally focuses on the discovery and development of novel tumor-specific and target-specific antitumor agents endowed with improved pharmacological properties in comparison with reference chemotherapeutic drugs.

Besides primarily aimed at identifying structure-activity relationships (SARs) and selecting “Lead” compounds, these studies also provide mechanistic investigations for the recognition of biological and molecular determinants accounting for the antitumor activity of these new antitumor agents.

Presently, the main research topics are:

Target-specific non platinum-based metallodrugs
Unconventional multi-targeted Pt(IV) complexes
Organic selenium derivatives

Thesis proposals

Two thesis internship positions are available, starting from May 2019, concerning the study of the antitumor activity of new and selective inhibitors of Thioredoxin Reductase and of Protein Disulfide Isomerase.