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I graduated in Physics at the University of Padua in 2004 with the thesis "Commissioning of the Calibration System of the MAGIC Telescope". The thesis was performed at the Institute of Physics d'Altes Energies (IFAE, Barcelona, ​​Spain). I received the PhD in Physics in 2009 also at Padua University with a thesis titled "Novel Reflective Elements and Indirect Dark Matter Searches with MAGIC and CTA" related on technologies for mirrors for the Cherenkov telescopes MAGIC and CTA and the indirect search for dark matter based on the expected gamma rays from annihilation or decay of this elusive matter in astrophysical environments. I worked then at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, Spain 2010-2013) as a fellow researcher, mostly on dark matter searches and atmospheric calibration for Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes (IACT) like MAGIC and CTA. I also had a professional contracts with Institut de Fisica d'Altes Energies and the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPI-Munich, Germany 2014-2015). Now I am Associate Professor at the University of Padova, and associated with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).

* Member dI MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma-ray Imaging Cherenkov). Currently
member of the Executive Board and member of the Collaboration Board in the role of Publications Manager and local responsible for the Padova MAGIC INFN Padova section.
In the past, I was also responsible for the working group of fundamental physics, responsible for the Mirror working group, Responsible for the operations at the MAGIC site (data taking shifts, data quality) and safety of the telescope.
* In CTA, I am currently a member of the executive board of LST (Size Large Telescope, sub-CTA) in the role of coordinator of the calibration. In the past, I was also in charge of the dark matter and fundamental physics research group of CTA, the optics working group, the atmospheric calibration workgroup.
* I am among the proponents of a MeV-GeV of satellite instrument called e-Astrogam
* I am among the proponents of a "shower front" detector to be installed at high altitude in the Southern hemisphere, called LATTES
* I am member of the Italian Society of Physics from 2017

* MAGIC Prize for "fundamental contribution to the construction of MAGIC II"

* Indirect search for dark matter with Cherenkov telescopes at galactic and extragalactic targets. Dark matter (DM) - if in the form of particles - can in fact annihilate or decay in astrophysical environment where it is concentrated. In the standard scenario, the DM mass is in the GeV-TeV ballpark and therefore reaction products, including gamma rays, can be seen with instrument sensitive to TeV gamma rays. Targets are the Milky Way center, satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, Cluster of Galaxies' core.
* Mirror technology for IACT. We built more
* Light Guide technology for SiPM


Office hours

  • at Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia - edificio Paolotti, via Belzoni 7, Padova. Stanza 117 (primo piano)
    Non posso mettere orario di ricevimento a seguito di frequenti viaggi/riunioni di lavoro. Prego di contattarmi quindi sempre previamente per mail: o per telefono 049 827 5909


My collaborative publications can be found here for example: The main ones of which I am the editor are:
2017 M. Doro Gamma-ray, Particle and Exotic Physics at TeV energies with the MAGIC telescopes Nuovo Cim. C40 (2017) no.3, 115.
2015 M. Doro Indirect search for dark matter with Cherenkov telescopes. Nuovo Cim. C38 (2015) no.1, 40.
2014 M. Doro A Decade of Dark Matter Searches with Ground Based Cherenkov Telescopes. Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A742 (2014) 99-106.
2013 M. Doro et al. for the CTA consortium, "Dark Matter and Fundamental Physics with the Cherenkov Telescope Array", Astropart.Phys. 43 (2013)
2012 M. Doro for the MAGIC collaboration, "Reaching the lowest energy threshold of ground–based Cherenkov telescopes with MAGIC–stereo: a goal achieved", Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A692 (2012)
2011 M.Doro J. Aleksic et al. [MAGICColl.],"SearchesforDark Matter Annihilation Signature in the Segue 1 satellite galaxy with the MAGIC-I tele- scope", Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 06 (2011) 035.
2011 M. Doro for the CTA consortium, “CTA - A Project for a New Generation of Cherenkov Telescopes, Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A 630 (2011), pp. 285-290.
2009 M. Doro (corresponding author) E. Aliu et al. [MAGIC Coll.], "Upper Limits on the VHE Gamma-Ray Emission from the Willman 1 Satellite Galaxy with the Magic Telescope", The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 697, Issue 2, pp. 1299-1304 (2009).
2009 T. Bringmann, M. Doro and M. Fornasa, "Dark matter signals from Draco and Willman 1: prospects for MAGIC II and CTA", Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, Issue 01, pp. 016 (2009).
2008 M. Doro et al. "The reflective surface of the MAGIC telescope", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, Volume 595, Issue 1, p. 200-203.

Research Area

The reference sector is Astronomia Gamma at Alte Energie, part of the interest of the National Scientific Commission 2 of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. The Astronomia Gamma alle Alte Energie consists of experiments on satellite and on the ground. Among the latter, there are Cherenkov-type telescopes that observe Cherenkov light produced by ultrarelativistic particles produced in the so-called atmospheric waterfalls of particles induced in the Earth's atmosphere by the bombardment of cosmic rays and gamma rays. In particular, I have been working since 2004 for the MAGIC telescope ( and for the CTA project (

For these telescopes I worked and I deal mainly with:
1 / Dark matter research
2 / Telescope optics and reflective surface manufacturing
3 / Remote sensing with accessory instruments and atmospheric calibration
4 / Light Guides for Silicon Sensors

Thesis proposals

Here is the list of theses I followed. If you are interested in similar topics, contact me or my group:

2015 Diploma Thesis of G. Vanzo on the observations of MAGIC from the Galactic Center and the interpretation in terms of yearshiating dark matter.
2015 Diploma Thesis of C. May Constrainting dark matter lifetime with the Perseus galaxy cluster on the observation of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster with MAGIC and the interpretation in terms of dark matter decay, University of Padua, 2015
2014 Diploma Thesis of E. Bertosin Study of the response of oscillometers on the MAGIC telescopes structure on the commissioning of oscillometers at the MAGIC telescopes and data interpretation. The work is in collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute in Munich (Germany).
2013 Diploma Thesis of Stefano Protti “Calculation of the astrophysical factor with Clumpy code for the search for dark matter”, University of Padua, 2013. The thesis deal with the calculation of astrophysical factor for all known dwarf satellite with the use of the public Clumpy tails.
2011 Master Thesis of Miguel Eizmendi "IFAE-UAB Raman LIDAR Budget and Components Link" Universitat Politecnica de Barcelona, ​​2011. The thesis deal with the simulation of the IFAE-UAB Raman lidar through the Link-Budget and simulation of the optical layout of the photon detector system of the lidar through the Zemax simulation program.
2011 Master Thesis of Ramon Nogueira, "The Dark Matter" (The Dark Matter - Thesis in Catalan), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, ​​2011. The work deal with simulation of the dark matter.
2011 Master Thesis of Daniel Garrido "The effect of molecular and atmospheric profiles on the performance of the MAGIC telescopes" Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, ​​2011. The thesis deals with the effect of different aerosol profiles in the data econstruction and analysis of MAGIC-stereo.
2011 Phd Thesis work by S. Lombardi "Development of analysis tools for the MAGIC Telescopes and observation of the following 1 Galaxy with the MAGIC-I Telescope.", University of Padua, 2011. Lombardi is now responsible for the reconstruction software design of the array of Small Size Telescopes for CTA at INAF.
2010 Diploma Thesis work of Simona Paiano "Research on Dark Matter with the MAGIC telescope", University of Padua, 2010. The thesis deal with the comparison of public codes for RGE regression.
2007 Diploma Thesis work of Fabio Zandanel "Dark Matter Search with the MAGIC Telescope: Analysis of the Unidentified EGRET Source 3EG J1835 + 5918" University of Padua, June 2007. Zandanel is now postdoc at GRAPPA institute in Amsterdam winner of a prestigious Netherlands grant.
2006 Diploma Thesis work of Saverio Lombardi "Systematic study of the background and signal in the data of the MAGIC experiment with application to the analysis of the CRAB source" (Systematic Study of signal and background data for the MAGIC telescope and its application to the Crab Nebula) University of Padova, July 2006