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Alessandro Dolmella is born in Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, Italy) on november 15th, 1962 and graduated with honours in Pharmacy at the Padua University on november 13th, 1985. In december 1985 he started a co-operation with the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Padua University (now renamed as Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences), as well as with the National Research Council Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Radio-elements (now renamed as IENI, Institute of Energetic and Interphases). In 1988, he obtained a research grant from ICI-Pharma Italy, and worked for one year in the ICI-Pharma Alderley Park Research Labs (Cheshire, England, U.K.). He came back to Italy on january 1989 and re-established the co-operation with the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Padua University and with the National Research Council Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Radioelements, giving special attention to computational chemistry matters. In october 1989, he applied successfully for a position of University Researcher at the Pharmacy Faculty of the Padua University. On november 1989, he spent a term in the Prof. Bernard Testa's laboratory at the University of Lausanne as a visiting researcher. Back to Italy, he joined the X-ray Diffractometry and Molecular Modelling Laboratory (now Radiopharmacy, Modelling and XRD Laboratory)of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, to work in the domains of Inorganic, Bio-inorganic, Medicinal and Computational Chemistry. On april 1993, he became Senior Researcher in the Pharmacy Faculty of Padua University, where he also participated to several teaching activities related to General Inorganic Chemistry in different degree courses. In fall of 2005, he succesfully took part to a comparative examination for a position of Associate Professor in General and Inorganic Chemistry made available by the Pharmacy Faculty of Padua University. Following to this, the Pharmacy Faculty of the Padua University called him to assume the functions of Associate Professor in General and Inorganic Chemistry, starting from march 2006. In 2009, he was stabilized in the position of Associate Professor. His teaching activity was continued in the field of General Inorganic Chemistry for several different courses in the Pharmacy Faculty and in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences of Padua University. Dr. Dolmella is embodied in the Referee Panel of the journals Chemical Communications, New Journal of Chemistry, Inorganica Chimica Acta, Polyhedron, Inorganic Chemistry Communications, Journal of Molecular Structure, and also co-authored a fundamental chemistry book entitled “Chimica di base”, first printed in 1999, reviewed and updated in 2003. The scientific activity of dr. Dolmella originated about one hundred papers published on peer-reviewed, international journals, concerning Crystallography, Inorganic, Bio-inorganic, Medicinal and Computational Chemistry.



The Teacher can host a limited number of (2) strongly motivated applicants to perform experimental investigations in the contexts of radiopharmacy and bioinorganic chemistry. Tasks will include the synthesis and the physico-chemical characterization of new ligands and metal complexes by instrumental (possibly theoretical) analyses; in vitro (possibly in vivo) investigations of promising compounds in view of their clinical application. Interested applicants must get in touch timely with the Teacher.

Skills: knowledge of ICT, autonomy, strong motivation.

Go and see also sections: "Tesi proposte", "Aree di ricerca".

Office hours

  • at Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco, Edificio A, I° piano, Stanza 81, Via Marzolo, 5, 35131, Padova.
    In genere, durante il periodo dei corsi, la mattinata è occupata dalle lezioni e per questa ragione il ricevimento è collocato al pomeriggio. In assenza di ulteriori impegni concomitanti del Docente, il Prof. Dolmella riceve gli Studenti il lunedì al pomeriggio, indicativamente, dalle ore 15:00 alle 16:00. Gli Studenti pendolari possono concordare un appuntamento, telefonando (049-827-5345) o inviando un messaggio di posta elettronica ( Il Docente controlla la posta elettronica tutti i giorni dalle 9:00 fino alle 17:00, ma non è raggiungibile durante i weekend.



An updated list of publications can be found at the link noted hereunder:

and then by filtering for author=dolmella

Research Area

Research interests of Prof. Dolmella (anno accademico 2019-2020)

Radiopharmacy of SPECT (and PET) imaging agents, with special emphasis on brain, hart and tumour imaging (99mTc). Radiotherapy of 188Re compounds. Investigations concerning new and emerging radionuclides such as 64/67Cu, 68Ga, 177Lu and others.

Bioinorganic chemistry of compounds incorporating elements belonging to Groups 7, 10, 11, 13 of the PT, with attention towards entities possessing known or potential for a clinical use, especially in oncology.

X-ray single crystal (and possibly powders) investigation of solid-state structure of coordination complexes and of biologically active (or likely so) compounds.

Modelling, conformational analysis, docking investigation and electronic properties of afore mentioned molecules by MM, MD, DFT calculations; SAR and QSAR.

Radiopharmacy, Modelling and X-ray diffractometry Laboratory (RMX), Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences, Via F. Marzolo, 5, I-35131 Padova (PD), Italy.

Alessandro Dolmella (PA).
ICMATE-CNR associated: PhD Cristina Bolzati (Researcher), PhD Nicola Salvarese (Post-Doc).

Tel.nn: 0498275345, 0498275352; Fax n.: 0498275366.

Thesis proposals

Internships are proposed to cover topics encompassing the domains of bioinorganic chemistry and radiopharmacy, both are multidisciplinary niche arguments, so that usually few internships are active at a time. For comparison, we indicate here the number of trainees in the last few years.

Two trainees plus one co-tutored internship.