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Ph.D. in Organization and Business management (1998-2001), since 1.10.2019 she is Full professor in Economics and Business management at the University of Padua.
From 2020 President of the University Center for Connectivity and Territorial Services - VSIX.
From 2022 Advisor for Public Engagement and Entrepreneurship – Pro-rectorate for Third Mission and Relations with the territory University of Padova
From 2022 Associate Dean for third mission - Relations with the firms Department of Economics and Management
Scientific Coordinator of the Digital Manufacturing Lab
Scientific Coordinator of the Observatory 4.0 – SMACT Competence Center
She is taking part in many Advisory boards and Scientific Committees of private institusions and associations. She was involved in many national and international research projects at the Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei (1998-2000) (research project on the impact of the culture on the economic development of urban areas) and the TeDIS Center of Venice International University (1999-2019), Eurosportello Veneto Chamber of Commerce, Veneto Region. She also carried out research with TeDIS - Venice International University, Formez, COSES (impact of the cultural sector in Venice) and with the Ca' Foscari University. Her main research topics concern the competitiveness of enterprises and local SME systems with respect to internationalization processes, environmental sustainability and business innovation, technological innovation in organizations and business networks, sustainable business models, environmental and social sustainability, and new forms of enterprise (benefit/B corp).
From 2001 member of the board of the review Economia e società regionale
2020 - Best selected paper - Track “International Marketing” per il paper Capestro, M., Kinkel S., Di Maria E., Bettiol M., (2020), “Is Artificial Intelligence Linked To Offshoring And Backshoring? An Exploratory Study” XVII SIM Conference (Società Italiana Marketing), LIUC - Università Cattaneo di Castellanza, Varese, 29-30 October 2020 (Conferenza online).
2019 – Outstanding Reviewer Award, Strategic Management SIG EURAM – European Academy of Management 19th Conference, Lisbon, June 26-28, 2019.
2018 - Winner of the 2018 Best Paper Award - SIG Strategic Management General Track- EURAM Conference 2018, as author of the paper "Impacts of Industry 4.0 on Firm performance. Evidence from Italy", with Marco Bettiol, Mauro Capestro, and Andrea Furlan
2012 - Winner of the Award for the best article 2012 "Innovazione, comunicazione e presidio dei mercati. Le performance delle imprese del made in Italy" (with Maria Chiarvesio) published on the Journal “Mercati e competitività”, assigned by Italian Marketing Society
2011 - Winner of the Award promoted by the Journal Measuring Business Excellence (Emerald) paper "Creativity vs. Standardization? Knowledge Management in KIBS firms" (with Marco Bettiol and Roberto Grandinetti), 6th International Forum IFKAD, Tampere, 15-17 June
2006 – Winner of the Award “Marco Fanno” - Dept. of Economics - University of Padua as author with M. Chiarvesio and S. Micelli of the paper "From local networks of SMEs to virtual districts? Evidence from recent trands in Italy", Research policy, 2004


Office hours will be held every Wednesday from 10.00 a.m. through Zoom ( on appointment (to book write to Check news for any change in the days/hours scheduled.

Office hours

  • Wednesday from 9:00 to 10:30
    at Online - Zoom (
    Il ricevimento si tiene su appuntamento. Causa impegni istituzionali della docente è possibile che il ricevimento si tenga anche in altri giorni e orari oltre a quello indicato.



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Research Area

Digital manufacturing
International business and global value chains
KIBS and innovation process
Strategy and environmental sustainability

Digital Manufacturing Lab