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Ricercatore a tempo det. art. 24 c. 3 lett. B L. 240/2010





Pietro de Perini, Ph.D in International Politics (City, University of London), is an international politics researcher at the University of Padova Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies, where he teaches 'Human Rights in International Politics' and 'International Relations'. He is co-editor-in-chief and member of the research group of the Annuario Italiano dei Diritti Umani/Italian Yearbook of Human Rights (Padova University Press), the managing editor of the Journal Peace Human Rights Governance (Padova University Press) and associate editor of the International Journal of Human Rights (London, Routledge).


Office hours

  • Thursday from 12:30 to 14:30
    at Via del Santo 28, third floor / Zoom
    THURSDAY 29th FEBRUARY, I AM IN A DEGREE COMMITTEE, if you were planning to join office hours on that day, please send me an email to rearrange (or anticipate) our meeting. I am very grateful if you contact me before coming to office hours at Zoom link for online meeting is the following:


The updated list of my publication is available in the Padua Research Archive website:
and in my ORCID page:

Thesis proposals

I am available to supervise MA thesis works in the framework of the following research areas:
- foreign policy analysis and human rights (in primis European Union, Italy);
- role of civil society organisations and networks for the promotion of human rights;
- Italy's and EU's engagement in the international human rights machinery;
- developments of the human rights infrastructure from a multi-level perspective;
- euro-mediterranean relations and European Neighbourhood Policy;
- analysis of implementation of intercultural and interreligious dialogue initiative at the transnational/international level;
- peace process between the Israelis an the Palestinians (Arab-Israeli peace process);
- 2030 Agenda fo sustainable development from a human rights perspective.

>>> students may register for graduation only after having agreed with the supervisor a complete research plan (comprehensive of chapter outline) and received feedback on at least one submitted chapter.