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Manlio De Domenico

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Office hours

  • Monday from 10:30 to 12:30
    at Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Via Loredan 10, stanza #314
    E' fortemente consigliato di definire l'appuntamento in anticipo tramite posta elettronica


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Bots increase exposure to negative and inflammatory conte

Research Area

I am Associate Professor of Applied Physics and Head of the Complex Multilayer Networks (CoMuNe) Lab at the Department of Physics and Astronomy 'Galileo Galilei' of the University of Padua.
My research activity is at the edge of theoretical, experimental and computational aspects of statistical physics of complex systems, where theory is used to make hypothesis about empirical phenomena in biological, ecological, socio-technical and socio-ecological sciences, which are then validated on real (sometimes massive) data sets. To date, I have applied such tools to:

- the interactome (i.e., protein-protein interactions) of human and several other organisms
- the human, macaque and C. Elegans connectomes
- complex diseases in humans
- a variety of socio-ecological and socio-technical ecosystems
- the Internet and the Dark Web
- a variety of transportation infrastructures, including the global airport network, rail networks, road networks and multimodal urban transportation means

A (non-exhaustive) list of my current activities includes:

- the mathematical formulation of multiplex networks, the study of their structure and of dynamical processes on such systems, the study of their resilience to random or targeted perturbations
- the formulation of an appropriate statistical physics/information theory of complex networks
- the formulation of a geometry of network-driven processes
- the application of advanced mathematical techniques to reduce the complexity of networked systems
- the functional representation of a system from the measurement of signals produced by its units, with application to human brain, human interactome, climate change and social systems

Thesis proposals

Our research, at the edge of statistical physics, applied mathematics and computer science, relies on theoretical and computational network science to cover a wide spectrum of interests, with applications to social and socio-technical systems, computational epidemiology, smart urban systems, systems biology, systems neuroscience, systems medicine.

Motivated students looking for thesis projects on:

* Statistical physics of complex networks
* Geometry of complex networks
* Information theory of complex networks
* Nonlinear dynamical systems, from reconstruction to analysis
* Systems biology and systems medicine (human brain, connectomics, protein-protein interactions, ...)
* Human mobility and dynamics
* Population dynamics (evolutionary, epidemic spreading, ...)
* Computational social science of exceptional events

can contact me to discuss about cutting-edge research-oriented and/or data-driven opportunities to join our lab.