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Gianmaria Collazuol is Associate Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Padova since May 2011. He graduated in 1997 with first-class honors in Physics (University of Padova). He defended his PhD thesis in 2001 (University of Firenze). He was Research Fellow with the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa (2002-09) and with INFN in Pisa and Padova (2010-11).

He contributed to the fields of experimental High Energy particle physics, Nuclear, Astro-Particle and Medical Physics, working within various international collaborations. His activities include Neutrino Oscillations (experiments NOMAD and NA56 at CERN, T2K at JPARC, and Super-Kamiokande Japan), CP violation and Flavour Physics (NA48, LHCb and NA62 at CERN), Cosmic-ray physics and searches for Dark Matter (CALET), low energy nuclear cross-sections (neutron physics) and Medical Physics (development of small PET pre-clinical systems).

He gained hands-on experience on a broad set of experimental techniques, from cryogenics to detector physics and technology, from electronics to statistical data analysis and simulation. He contributed to build various type of detectors (including Calorimeters, RICH detectors, Charged Particle Trackers, Detectors for beam diagnostics) and to study and develop new types of organic and inorganic scintillators for low energy gamma and neutron detection. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of silicon photon-multipliers (SiPM) and is involved in the development new types of SiPM for applications within noble liquid and Cherenkov detectors. He masters analogue and digital electronics and was responsible of projects for developing high performance trigger and data acquisition systems, including ultra-fast on-line reconstruction with GPUs.

G.Collazuol lectures on "Analog Electronics", "Applied Electronics" and "Advanced Physics Laboratory" at his Department. He is referee of the Journals "NIM A" and "IEEE TNS". He contributed with over 30 talks at international conferences and has authored or co-authored more than 200 papers in international peer-reviewed journals.



Thesis proposals

● Study of pixel sensors for charged particle trackers based on silicon avalanche diodes

● Studies of Vacuum Ultraviolet light emission caused by atomic charge exchange reactions with low energy protons in gaseous targets

● Measurement of the efficiency of silicon photo-multipliers for photon detection in the far ultraviolet

● Phase I of the ANNIE experiment: data acquisition system and preliminary data analysis

● Studies of a position monitor for an electron beam in 15Me LINAC

● The ENUBET project: a new technique for increasing precision of electronic neutrino beams

● Parallel trigger algorithms for B meson hadronic decays in the LHCb experiment at CERN

● Neutron detectors based on siloxane scintillators and light readout through Silicon Photo Multipliers

● Real-time Neuronal Network Activity Measured by a High-Density Micro-elettrode Matrix by FPGA Card

● Calibration of the Super-Kamiokande detector with neutrons and electrons

● Development of a high granularity and time resolution calorimeter for future tagged neutrino beam