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Bruno R.Chiarellotto born in Cornuda(TV-Italy) August 16th, 1961

Direttore of Dipartimento di Matematica “Tullio Levi-Civita”, Univ. Padova

Laurea in Matematica 1985.
PhD in Matematica (Z.Mebkhout-M.Cornalba advisors) 1989; Rome.
1987-89: C.N.R. scholarship Universite' de Paris VII
1989-90: Visiting research fellow and research fellow, Princeton University.
1992-3 Visiting Professor at U.C. Berkeley .
1994 Professor, Engineering Faculty Padova.
1995-7 Visiting Professor at Strasbourg and Paris Nord.
1997 Professore Ordinario in Geometry, Padova.
1997/8 Visiting Professor, Università di Paris VI. Univ. de Rennes.
-1998-2009 he has been invited as visiting professor in the universities of Hiroshima, Rennes, Paris Nord, Madrid.
-2001-2009: Director of the Graduate school in Mathematics Padova
-2003 Invited Professor Weizmann Institut Rehovot
- 2009-2015 local coordinator for the international PhD programme Erasmus-mundus-doc "ALGANT-DOC"
-2010 JSPS Fellow, Tohoku Univ. Sendai.
-2014 February, Invited Member of IHES Paris.
- 2013, 2015,2017 Invited professor , Tokyo Univ. (Komaba).
-2018 November, Organizer ( Niziol, Colmez, Chiarellotto) Oberwolfach Sem. “Syntomic Cohomology and p-adic Hodge Theory”.
-2019 January, Invited Member IHES, Paris
He has been invited for seminars, or short visits or during conferences at the universities of Paris VI e Institut H. Poincarè, Kyoto, Barcellona, Tokyo, Chiba,Nagoya, Minneapolis, Cambridge e Oxford,Caen, Nice, Groningen, Luminy, Muenster, Weizmann Inst., Tohoku, ENS Lyon,Pisa, Nairobi, Imperial College, Sendai, Hiroshima, Strasbourg. Recently: invited speaker to Belgian-Dutch Algebraic Geometry Seminar (Leuven 2016), Fukuoka International Conference on Arithmetic Geometry (April 2017), CIRM conference “p-adic Analytic Geometry and Differential Equations” (March 2017), “Crystals and Geometry in ch. p” (TU Munchen, April 2018)

-2015: Bressanone lectures on “Field of norms” during "Perfectoid Spaces" Summer School.
-2014 Dobbiaco lectures on " Clemens Schmidt exact sequence" during "Monodromy summer school.
-2011 Bressanone lectures on "Weil Cohomologies and Bloch-Ogus axioms. System of realizations and compatibilities" during "Cohomology theories: a road map".
-2009 Luminy, a series of lectures: "An invitation to p-adic differential equations" during the the summer school " Arithmetic and Galois theory of differential equations".
-he gave a series of lectures on the master SAMI of the Istituto Italiano di Alta Matematica di Milano.
- He has been teaching PhD courses or series of lectures organized as course at the universities of Milano, Padova, Nagoya, Hiroshima e Rennes.
-PhD students: Fornasiero(2004), Pulita(2006) (co-tutele Parigi), Ciccioni(2010), Trentinaglia(2007), Settimi (2010). G.Hernandez-Mada (2015 cotutele Bordeaux-Montreal), P.Gatti (cotutele Univ. Leuven 2019). Ongoing PhD students: Y.Nakada.
Local Coordinator for Padova node of national project MIUR-PRIN 2015 “Number theory and arithmetic geometry”
Univ. Padova Project 2015, CPDA159224/15 "Vanishing cycles, irregularity and ramification.
Coordinator of the national project MIUR-PRIN 2010-11 "Arithmetic Algebraic geometry and number theory".
Local coordinator for Padova node of the National Project PRIN-MIUR: 2002,2004,2006,2008. Member of the EC network "Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry" HCM and RTN (1994-2006). He won a grant f


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Recent articles/preprints:
30) Chiarellotto, Bruno; Lazda, Christopher, Liedtke Christian “A Neron-Ogg-Shafarevich criterion for K3 surfaces” to appear in Proceedings LMS.

29) Chiarellotto, Bruno; Lazda, Christopher Around ℓ-independence. Comp.Math 154 (2018) no.1 223-248

28) Chiarellotto, Bruno; Lazda, Christopher, Combinatorial degenerations of surfaces and Calabi-Yau threefolds. Algebra and Number Theory 10(2016), no.10 2235-2266.

27) Chiarellotto Bruno, Coleman Robert, Di Proietto Valentina, Iovita Adrian On a p-adic invariant cycles theorem. J. Reine Angew. Math 711(2016), 55–74.

26) Chiarellotto, Bruno, Esposito Francesco A note on Fontaine theory using different Lubin-Tate groups. Kodai Math. J. 37(2014) no.1, 196–211.

25) Chiarellotto, Bruno, Tsuzuki Nobuo Clemens-Schmid exact sequence in characteristic p, Math.Annalen 358(2014), no.3-4, 971–1004.

24) Chiarellotto Bruno, Ciccioni Alice, Mazzari Nicola Cycles Classes and the systemic regulator. Algebra and Number Theory (2013), no.3, 533-566.

23)Chiarellotto, Bruno An invitation to p-adic differential equations, Seminaires et Congres Soc.Mat.France 23(2011), 115-168.

22)Chiarellotto, Bruno, Gerotto Giovanni, Sullivan Francis J. Dwork's 1994 Padova Lectures on exponential modules, Seminaires et Congres Soc.Mat.France 23(2011), 169-227.

21)Chiarellotto, Bruno; Tsuzuki, Nobuo Log-growth filtration and Frobenius slope filtration of F-isocrystals at the generic and special points. Doc. Math. 16 (2011), 33–69.

20)Chiarellotto, Bruno; Pulita, Andrea Arithmetic and differential Swan conductors of rank one representations with finite local monodromy. Amer. J. Math. 131 (2009),no. 6, 1743–1794.

Research Area

arithmetic algebraic geometry

Thesis proposals


Roisin Mangan " In the ubiquity of the simplicial objects" 2013

Saggin Fabio " Elliptic Cohomology" ...

-Genaro Hernandez Mada (ALGANT Erasmus Mundus-Doc): Clemens-Schimdt sequence.
-Pietro Gatti "Monodromy of log-curves"
-Yukihide Nakada " Hodge properties of rigid cohomology"