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Due to the COVID-19 emergency, I am exclusively available on email at Students are encouraged to contact me via email in order to schedule an online appointment in Zoom.

Office hours

  • at Online, on the Zoom platform
    I am available on email at Students are encouraged to contact me via email in order to schedule an online appointment in Zoom or an in-person meeting.


List of publications available at:

Some of the most recent publications

Monteleone AM, et al....,Cardi V (2020). The Interaction Between Mentalizing, Empathy andSymptoms in People with Eating Disorders: A Network Analysis IntegratingExperimentally Induced and Self-report Measures. Cognitive Therapy and Research 44: 1140-1149.

Monteleone AM, Cardi V, et al. (2020). Network intervention analysis to assess the trajectory of change and treatment effects associated with the use of online guided self‐help for anorexia nervosa. Early Intervention in Psychiatry.

Chami R, Cardi V, et al. (2020). Targeting binge eating in bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder using inhibitory control training and implementation intentions: a feasibility trial. Psychological Medicine.

Bryan DC, Macdonald P, Ambwani S, Cardi V, Rowlands K, Willmott D, Treasure J. (2020) Exploring the ways in which COVID-19 and lockdown has affected the lives of adult patients with anorexia nervosa and their carers. European Eating Disorders Review.

Glashouwer KA, Brockmeyer T, Cardi V, et al. (2020). Time to make a change: A call for more experimental research on key mechanisms in anorexia nervosa. European Eating Disorders Review 28: 361-367.

Chami R, Treasure J, Cardi V, et al. (2020). Exploring Changes in Event-Related Potentials After a Feasibility Trial of Inhibitory Training for Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. Frontiers in Psychology 11:1056.

Young KS, et al..., Cardi V (2020). Exposure to food in anorexia nervosa and brain correlates of food-related anxiety: findings from a pilot study. Journal of Affective Disorders. 274: 1068-1075.

Cardi V, et al. (2020). The feasibility of using guided self-help in anorexia nervosa: An analysis of drop-out from the study protocol and
intervention adherence. Frontiers in Psychology, 11:707.

Ambwani S, Cardi V, et al. (2020). A multicenter audit of outpatient care for adult anorexia nervosa: Symptom trajectory, service use, and evidence in support of “early stage” versus “severe and enduring” classification. International Journal of Eating Disorders.

Rowlands K, et al., Cardi V (2020). A Critical Review of Studies Assessing Interpretation Bias Towards Social Stimuli in People
With Eating Disorders and the Development and Pilot Testing of Novel Stimuli for a Cognitive Bias Modification Training. Frontiers in Psychology, 11: 538527.

Cardi V, et al. (2020). Treatment for eating disorders in a post‐COVID world: The case of TRIANGLE. European Eating Disorders Review.

Leppanen J, Cardi V, Sedgewick F, Treasure J, Tchanturia K (2020). Basal ganglia volume and shape in anorexia nervosa. Appetite 144: 104480.

Albano G, et al...,Cardi V (2020). Interpersonal difficulties in obesity: A systematic review and meta-analysis to
inform a rejection sensitivity-based model. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 107, 846-861.

Research Area

-Eating and weight disorders
-Experimental psychopathology
-Clinical psychology
-Guided self-help
-Virtual reality
-Inhibitory control
-Cognitive biases towards social stimuli
-Cognitive biases towards food
-Fear conditioning
-Prosocial behaviour
-Impact of social criticism on eating disorder attitudes and behaviours

Thesis proposals

I am currently working on the use of online/App-based strategies and virtual reality to assess the maintaining mechanisms of eating disorder psychopathology in adults with eating or weight disorders. I am also open to work with students on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of the literature.