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Place and date of birth: Genoa, 08.04.1971

Qualifications and work positions
20/10/2016 - present: President of the BSc in Psychological, Cognitive and Psychobiological Sciences, University of Padua.
01/06/2015 - present: Associate Professor at the Department of General Psychology (DPG), University of Padua.
01/12/2002 - 31/05/2015: Researcher at the DPG.
2006 Specialization in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Association of Cognitive Psychology, Verona.
2002 - 2004: Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford.
2002 PhD in Cognitive Sciences, University of Padua.
1996 Degree in General and Experimental Psychology (110 cum laude), Faculty of Psychology, University of Padua.

Institutional assignments
2016 - present: member of the DPG's Teaching Committee.
2016 - present: internship coordinator for the BSc in Psychological, Cognitive and Psychobiological Sciences.
2014 - 2017: Erasmus coordinator for the DBSc in Psychological, Cognitive and Psychobiological Sciences.
2014 - present: member of the Research Committee of the DDPG, University of Padua.
2014 - present: member of the Academic Board of the PhD Course in Brain, Mind & Computer Science, University of Padua.
2012 - present: member of the Review Group (GAV: Accreditation and Evaluation Group), BSc in Psychological, Cognitive and Psychobiological Sciences, University of Padua.
2011 - 2013: member of the Ethics Committee for Psychological Research (Area 17), University of Padua.
2010 - 2011: member of the Ethics Committee of the DPG, University of Padua.
2010 - 2014: member of the Laboratory Committee, DPG, University of Padua.
2006 - 2013: member of the Academic Board of the Doctoral School in Psychological Sciences, University of Padua.
2004 - 2006: member of the Departmental Board, responsible for the WEB site of the Department, University of Padua.
Lecturer in: General Psychology, Vision Sciences and Neurosciences, Neuroimaging and Brain Stimulation, Basic Computer Science.

Other (magazine collaborations, membership of scientific societies, funding)
Awardee of a University Project 2014.
2008 - 2011: member of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Boston.
Short-term mobility grants financed by the CNR for research periods in the United Kingdom obtained in 2001, 2005 and 2006.
Scholarship funded by the University of Padua for a research period at Boston University in 2008.
Awardee of PRIN in 2005 and 2007.
Awardee of the "G.B. Bietti for Ophthalmology "in 2001.
Awardee of a grant provided by the "Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies" for participation in the International School of Biophysics (Naples, Italy) in 1999.

Ad-hoc reviewer for several newspapers including: Attention Perception & Psychophysics, Brain Stimulation, Cortex, Cerebral Cortex, European Journal of Neuroscience, Experimental Brain Research, Journal of Neuroscience, Italian Journal of Psychology, Neuroimage, Neuropsychology, PLOS ONE, Psychological Research , Vision Research.

Member of the Order of Psychologists of the Veneto region since 1999.


Students can meet me also via Zoom on dates and times agreed via email.
On Wednesday 24/01/2024 and 31/01/2024 office hours are cancelled.

Office hours

  • Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:30
    at Studio: 06-002, sesto piano, Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale, Via Venezia, 8 - Padova
    Per evitare inutili attese si consiglia di prendere appuntamento via email. Il ricevimento è possibile sia in presenza che a distanza via Zoom.



Research Area

Vision neuroscience:
cortical processing of visual form and motion, visual allucinations, sensory and perceptual memory (perceptual priming, perceptual learning also applied to the recovery of visual and cognitive deficits), non-invasive modulation techniques of cortical excitability (transcranial electrical and magnetic stimulation).

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS):
Literature review on psychotherapic treatments ofpremenstrual syndrome and further experimental project with the participation of a group of skill training and biofeedback. Good knowledge of English and basic knowledge of how to conduct a literature review are requested.

Thesis proposals

April 2020: seeking students/trainee with some programming experience for programming online experiments with Pavlovia:

Vision neuroscience, sensory and perceptual memory (perceptual priming, perceptual learning), cognitive training with exergames, non-invasive modulation techniques of cortical excitability (electrical and magnetic transcranial stimulation), motor evoked potentials, neuronavigation.

We seek students of the Master degree in "Cognitive neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology" willing to spend a period abroad (October 2019 to May 2020) for an internship at the University of Roheampton (close to London) under the supervision of Prof. Fuggetta: