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- Dispersive estimates for the Dirac equation in an Aharonov-Bohm field, with L. Fanelli, submitted.
- Hankel transforms and weak dispersion, with L. Fanelli, submitted.
- A limiting absorption principle for the Helmholtz equation with variable coefficients, with P. D'Ancona and R. Lucà, submitted.
- Invariance of Gibbs measures under the flows of Hamiltonain equations on the real line, with A.S. De Suzzoni, submitted.
- Weak dispersive estimates for fractional Aharonov-Bohm-Schroedinger groups, with L. Fanelli, submitted.
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- Global small solutions to the critical Dirac equation with potential, Nonlinear Analysis 74 (2011), pp. 6060-6073.

Research Area

My research activity is mainly devoted to dispersive partial differential equations. In particular, I am (or I have been) focused on the following themes.
- The Dirac equation: study of dispersive (local smoothing, Strichartz, time decay...) estimates for perturbations of the Dirac equation; in particular, scaling critical potential perturbations (Coulomb or Aharonov-Bohm potentials) and the Dirac equation on curved space (how does the underlying geometry affect dispersive dynamics?). Applications to the dynamics of relativistic models.
- Variable coefficients equation: the application of the Morawetz multiplier method seems to give interesting result in the contest of variable coefficients dispersive PDEs. In particular, we have adapted it to obtain quantitative result in the contest of the Helmholtz equation on exterior domains (Agmon-Hormander type estimates, Limiting Absorption Principle, Sommerfeld radiation condition...) and of the Dirac equation on non-flat manifolds (asymptotically flat, wrapped products...)
- Invariant measures: existence and properties of invariant measures for dispersive flows. In particular, the construction of invariant measures for the cubic NLS (and more general nonlinear equations) on the real line, via "direct" methods and by relying on probabilistic tools.
- Weighted functional inequalities: study of relevant inequalities with direct applications to dispersive PDEs, as weighted L^p inequalities for powers of electromagnetic Schroedinger operators, or weighted estimates for singular integrals.