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As for the start of the lessons, you are invited to register on the moodle platform through which materials and registration of the lesson will be sent. For any clarification on the course and methods of examination, as well as the request for a thesis, please contact the teacher via e-mail, with the possibility of an appointment via zoom. The in-person reception will resume from 15 September

Office hours

  • at Via del Santo 77, primo piano, stanza n° 12, Studio del docente
    E' possibile sempre richiedere un appuntamento zoom contattando il docente all'indirizzo e-mail Si prega di farlo in particolare per avere per tempo chiarimenti sui corsi, sui testi e sulle modalità d'esame dell'AA 1920-21


Research Area

History of International Relations
History of European construction
History of the International Organization (from the 19th century)
History of Multilateral Diplomacy in the techno-scientific (Aerospace and electronic) and military fields
History of contemporary France (starting from 1914)
International History of Technology
International diplomatic-military history sec. XIX and XX
History of NATO
Techno-scientific diplomacy

Aviation cooperation
Space cooperation
Experts and expertise in multilateral diplomacy
Science Diplomacy
Techno-scientific diplomacy
Airplane transport
European transport policies and negotiations
Arms cooperation
Secret services
European defense-political and operational aspects
Relations between experts / technicians and decision makers / political references in the international dimension of the decision-making process
Role of war in multilateral diplomacy and international organization

Thesis proposals

Please contact the teacher in time, by setting a zoom appointment via e-mail, to agree on a thesis subject in order to clarify the possible topics for a Thesis in History of the International Organization or in History of International Relations, or in International History of Science and Technology, the aims of the thesis, the methods of bibiliographic research and sources, and the times and methods of drafting the thesis itself. In particular, it will be possible to carry out theses on the role of science and technology in national foreign policy and in international arenas, on the history of European defense, on the role of war in multilateral diplomacy and in the international organization system in the 19th and 20th centuries.