MSCA PF Fellow: Mubbshir Saleem

PDFProject:  SolarPlas - Solar powered atmospheric plasma system for the treatment of contaminated wastewater

Mubbshir Saleem


MSCA Fellow: Mubbshir Saleem

UNIPD Supervisor:  Ester Marotta

Department:  Chemical Sciences

Total Contribution:  Euro 207.187,20

Project Duration in months: 36

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Mubbshir Saleem is a researcher from Pakistan who specializes in sustainable water and wastewater treatment technologies. He was awarded the CARIPARO grant for international students at the University of Padua in 2014 to pursue his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering. During his doctoral research, Mubbshir explored the use of low-cost dynamic membrane (DM) technology as an alternative to expensive membrane bioreactor systems for advanced wastewater treatment. He developed new strategies and protocols for the formation and regeneration of DM under different operating conditions. After completing his Ph.D., Mubbshir continued his research in the Department of Chemical Sciences at the University of Padua, where he developed innovative plasma systems for the treatment of emerging micropollutants in water and air. Mubbshir's research work demonstrates his commitment to addressing environmental challenges related to water treatment and his expertise in developing sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment.

Mubbshir was awarded the MSCA-2022 Global Fellowship for his project SolarPlas. In this project his experience with atmospheric plasma application will be extended to transform an energy intensive plasma treatment to an energy-neutral standalone wastewater treatment technology by coupling it with an energization system capable of exploiting renewable energies. This project is supervised under the guidance of Prof. Ester Marotta from the University of Padua, Italy and Prof. Atif Mustafa from the NED University of Engineering and technology, Pakistan.