Gender Equality Plan of the University of Padua 2022 - 2024 (GEP)

The 2022 - 2024 University of Padua Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is a strategically framework that defines the University's strategy to promote gender equality and equal opportunities. Covering a three-year period, the document is divided into objectives and actions across five goals defined by the European Commission:
1. work life balance and organizational culture
2. gender balance in leadership and decision-making
3. gender equality in recruitment and career progression
4. integrating the gender dimension into research and teaching content
5. measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment

The GEP is an addition to the University's programming and reporting tools, especially that of a Gender Budget that provides data for upstream context analysis and allows reporting and evaluation of the impact of downstream actions. Along with the Positive Action Plan of the CUG and the Action Plan HRS4R - 2021-2023, the University outlines actions in the field of gender equality in terms of University Programming Plans and the University Budget which considers and accounts for the defined objectives and the allocation of resource to facilitate them.

Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality

Delegate: Gaya Spolverato 

For more information on Equal Opportunity Policies please contact
The Office of Public Engagement: 

For information on work-life balance initiatives aimed at staff (including child care agreements, summer camp initiatives, transport, services, and working from home) please contact the Economic Treatment and Welfare Office:  

Each University of Padua Department has a dedicated person to contact regarding Equal Opportunities Policies.
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