Equal Opportunities - Services

The University of Padua guarantees the psychophysical well-being of all those who study and work on its premise by promoting a balance between the personal and professional lives of staff and students. By encouraging gender equality, inclusion, and protection against discrimination, the university establishes specific services and facilities aimed at its entire academic community.


Clinics and Healthcare
Free of charge, clinic and healthcare services are available to the entire University community, including students, staff, and faculty. Services include visits with medical consultant in agreement with medical centers as a means to promotion healthcare initiatives.
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Career Alias
A career alias provides for the provision of a new or double personal identification booklet/card to students in gender transition. The University of Padua has joined the Memorandum of Understanding for the definition of actions and intervention strategies regarding any form of gender discrimination.
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Social services, education, and transport benefits for employees.
University employees may request benefits linked to facilitating their work activities including transport passes, educational services, and benefits determined by particularly serious personal situations.
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Health and Well-being: Psychological and Psychiatric Support
The University offers a series of health services dedicated to students and staff including psychological, psychiatric, gynecological, and andrological assistance. Students away from home can also work alongside a doctor from Padua with their general practitioner and employees can benefit from agreements with some medical groups present in the city.
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UniRe - Anti-Harassment Listening Desk
The listening desk, created in the context of the UniRe (Responsible University) project, is open to teaching and technical administrative staff and the student component, aimed at offering support and intervention in cases of discrimination, harassment, abuse, violence against women and toward gender and sexual minority groups that may occur within the University itself and/or in their personal life contexts.
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Teleworking is available to reconcile the professional and personal lives of those who work at the University. All technical and administrative staff of the University of Padua, with full or part-time working hours, and those classified in the professional categories referred to in the current CCNL, can submit a teleworking application.
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The Milla Baldo Ceolin Child Day-care Centre
As part of a policy of protection of children's rights and the development of child, the Milla Baldo Ceolin Child Day-care Centre of the University of Padua promotes work-life balance for its faculty, technical and administrative staff as well as a welcoming incentive towards young researchers and their families.
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Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality

Delegate: Gaya Spolverato 

For more information on Equal Opportunity Policies please contact
The Office of Public Engagement: public.engagement@unipd.it 

For information on work-life balance initiatives aimed at staff (including child care agreements, summer camp initiatives, transport, services, and working from home) please contact the Economic Treatment and Welfare Office: welfare@unipd.it  

Each University of Padua Department has a dedicated person to contact regarding Equal Opportunities Policies.
List of Department contacts https://www.unipd.it/en/protection-guarantee-bodies