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Prof. Paolo Gallo MD, PhD - Curriculum Vitae
Born: June 18, 1955, in Pesaro (Italy)
Work Address: Neurology Clinic
Dept of Neurosciences - DNS
University of Padova – School of Medicine
Via Giustiniani 5, 35128 Padova, Italy
Phone: +39.049.821.3631, FAX: +39.049.875.1770
Medical Doctor (graduated in Padova, 1980; 110/110 cum laude).
Fellowship at the Dept of Neurology, Karolinska Instituted (Huddinge Hospital) in 1983-1985.
Specialized in Neurology School at the University of Padova (1984).
Fellowship at the Section of Clinical Immunology, Dept of Internal Medicine, University of Zurich, in
PhD in Neurosciences – Neuroimmunology (1990).
Actual Position.
Associate Professor of Neurology at the Dept of Neurological Sciences – University of Padova - Senior
Director School od Specialization in Neurology
Neurologist at the Neurology Clinic, University Hospital of Padova.
Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Centre of the Veneto Region, University of Padova.
Responsable of the 'Neuroimmunology and Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis Laboratory', Dept of Neurosciences,
University of Padova
Scientific Publications.
173 papers published on international journals
43 articles/book chapters in english
45 articles/book chapters in italian
H-index (December 2015) = 42 (Isi web of science)
IF: >1.100
Sum of the times cited: 7539 (Isi web of science)
Citing articles: 5452 (Isi web of science)
Average citation per item: 23.5 (Isi web of science)
Fields of interest:
1) Neuroimmunology. Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune demyelinating diseases.
Inflammatory myelopathies. Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. HIV-1 infection of the CNS. CNS
vasculitis. CNS infections.
2) Neuroimaging. Multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory diseases of the CNS. MRI sequences to study
cortical pathology (3DHRT1, DIR, PSIR). PET/MRI.
3) Neuroepidemiology.
4) Clinical Trials in Multiple SclerosisResearch Prices.
"GB Belloni" price for research activity in Multiple Sclerosis, Padova, Italy.
Award on Basic and Clinical Research on AIDS and Related Pathologies and Sexual Transmitted Diseases (Key West, Florida, USA).
Best poster at the XXXVIII Italian Neurological Society Congress, Florence, Italy.
Best poster at the XL Italian Neurological Society Congress, Florence, Italy.
Best presentation at the XXII ECTRISM Congress, in Madrid.

European Society for Neurochemistry (ESN)
International Society of Neuroimmunology (ISN)
New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS)
European Charcot Foundation (ECF)
Società Italiana di Neurologia (SIN)
Associazione Italiana di NeuroImmunologia (AINI)

Clinical research activity.
PI in 35 international and national randomized phase I, II and III clinical trials.

Reviewer for the following Journal:
Multiple Sclerosis Journal
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry
Journal of Neurology
European Journal of Neurology
Journal of Neurology
Neurological Sciences


Orari di ricevimento

  • Il Lunedi' dalle 11:00 alle 12:00
    presso studio del docente - 2° piano Clinica Neurologica
    per contatti telefonici: 049 821 3631


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