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  • presso Stanza 2020 al quinto piano del Centro Linguistico di Ateneo in Via Venezia 16, Padova
    Upcoming office hours: - Thursday 6th September 11.30-12.30 - Wednesday 12th September 11-12 - Wednesday 19th September 11.30-12.30 IMPORTANT! You need to book an appointment to come to my office hours (ricevimento) by sending me an email from your university email account ( My email address is: EMAIL - If you send me an email, make sure it complies with the following DOs and DON'Ts DO --- Send your email from your institutional address (i.e. the domain). Emails received form your private email address will be ignored. --- Write in English, if you are studying English --- provide a subject heading for your message including the acronym of your course (e.g. SCS for Scienze Sociologiche, COM for Comunicazione, MZL for Mediazione, PhD for PhD courses) --- begin your message with “Dear Professor Crestani,” --- indicate, as clearly as possible, the reason for writing (e.g. a goal you want to achieve, a difficulty you are facing, a doubt you have...) and what exactly you would like from me --- end your message with “Kind regards,” “Best regards,” or “Best,” --- sign your message with your first/given and last/family name, and your student I.D. number; --- if this is NOT your first message to me, also include any other previous email exchanges below your signature line (else I might not fully remember/understand what you are talking about) --- remember to be polite, courteous and formal throughout. DON'T: --- ask for information that requires a long reply (e.g. How can I prepare for your course?); first look on the course page on Moodle then come to my office hours --- ask for the correction of your exam by email: come to my office hours instead. --- ask for obvious and/or unpredictable information (e.g. Are you going to give an exam in June?): something that happens by default needs not be confirmed; if something changes, you will be informed either by me or by the segreteria didattica. -- ask for information that is already, or that is going to be, available elsewhere (e.g. exam dates will be posted publicly; if they are not, it means they have not been fixed yet) - Do NOT expect a reply unless you comply with ALL of the above.