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Dr Chiara Giorio is tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Padua (Italy). She received her degree in Chemistry in 2008 from the University of Padua (Italy), where she then completed her PhD in Molecular Sciences in 2012. She was postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge (UK) until the end of 2016 and researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, France) until the end of July 2017. She has also been Honorary Research Associate at the University of Birmingham (UK) since 2009. Her research interests concern formation pathways, processes, and impacts of atmospheric aerosols; and trace analysis of contaminants in remote, rural, and urban environments. She is author of 45 peer-reviewed papers, of which 42 appear in Scopus search (using distinct author set facility), cited about 1700 times, H-index = 20. The publications straddle topics including atmospheric science, environmental and analytical chemistry.

Italian Chemical Society, European Geosciences Union, Darwin College Society (University of Cambridge, UK)


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Giorio et al., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017. In this study we developed a novel method to characterize highly reactive and atmospherically relevant radical intermediates in situ, providing for the first-time unambiguous identification of key highly reactive species that have previously eluded chemical analysis.
Giorio et al., Faraday Discussions, 2017. In this study we demonstrated that the above mentioned analytical method is applicable to many different organic radical species opening up the possibility of characterizing these highly reactive and short-lived species in many areas of physical and organic chemistry where radical reactions are studied and deployed.
Giorio et al., Analytical Chemistry, 2015. In this study we developed a novel method to characterize nanopatterns on plant tissues using direct surface analysis techniques, allowing for the first time to characterise surface heterogeneities in petals of Hibiscus trionum flowers.

Full list of publications can be found at:
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Area di ricerca

Research areas
Atmospheric science, Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Aerosol characterization, Chemometrics, Ultra-trace analysis of organic compounds in environmental matrices

Major topics/projects:
1. Analysis of terrestrial biomarkers in ice cores from Antarctica
2. Characterisation of atmospherically important organic radicals in the gas and particle phase
3. Liquid Extraction Surface Analysis for the characterisation of nanoscale patterning of plant surfaces
4. Cloud multiphase processing of organic compounds in the troposphere
5. Aerosol characterisation by PMF analysis of single particle mass spectra
6. Study of the formation of metal-ligand complexes in deliquescent airborne particles