Software Agreements

Students and employees at the University of Padua are entitled to either free of charge access or special discounts for software to be used on their devices.

  Apple Education

Apple Education is an initiative that entitles the University’s students and employees to purchase a wide range of Apple products at discounted prices. 
For information, visit Apple’s dedicated page.

The offer is valid for students enrolled at the university, administrative staff and members of the university's teaching staff.

  Microsoft Office 365

The campus contract stipulated with Microsoft provides all students, teaching and technical staff with 5 Office Pro Plus licences, which can be used on their personal devices (PCs, MACs and tablets). To take advantage of this opportunity, all they need is a valid account such as or

For information, see the dedicated page.


Software available to students and staff at the University of Padua. Indeed, the university signed an agreement in January 2017 for ongoing access to a Matlab Campus licence.

Matlab is an interactive language and environment for numerical calculation, data analysis and visualisation, and programming.

The Campus contract (Total Academic Headcount Licenses - student option) is valid for one year, and includes installation of the basic Matlab package and of all subscribed optional modules on personal workstations (home PC and laptop) up to a maximum of four installations. Besides, updates will also be distributed.

The licence is open to all teaching staff, technical administrative staff, researchers, PhD students, post-doctoral scholars and current students.

Instructions for obtaining licences and installing the software.

  LabVIEW, VeriStand and Multisim

As a result of an agreement with National Instruments, our University offers all staff and students the opportunity to install LabVIEW software (LabVIEW and related toolkits, Veristand, Multisim and features included in the Academic Site Licence) on their computers for research and teaching activities. In-person and online training courses are also available.

LabVIEW is a graphical programming software, which enables ideas to be quickly transformed into actual projects. For prototyping next-generation communication systems, NI provides LabVIEW Communications designed for those who wish to exploit the flexibility of SDRs, thus simplifying the prototyping process.

VeriStand is software for the development of advanced real-time testing applications. By importing simulation models and control algorithms, you can easily interface your hardware-in-the-loop system with the real world.

Multisim is an advanced, intuitive and practical SPICE simulation environment, and DIAdem is designed for analysis and reporting of measured data.

Download and other information

For more information, visit this page.