Documenting Heritage

The University holds a collection of books and documents that reflect its long history and numerous research areas. With nearly two million paper volumes available at University libraries, including highly specialised texts and a "treasure" of almost 32,000 well-preserved antique books, the digitisation projects guarantee their accessibility.

Phaidra, a platform dedicated to the long-term archiving of digital objects, hosts the digitised documents (books, photographs, journals, informational materials, etc.). Digitalising the collections enriches the numerous library collections available on GalileoDiscovery, including free or paid books, electronically formatted scientific journals, a disciplinary database, and other multimedia products.

Documents from the University's long heritage include different types of documents such as multimedia materials, an impressive Library of Geographical Maps, degree and doctoral theses, and historically relevant teaching aids such as scientific wall tables, each digitally preserved on the Phaidra platform.

The platform also preserves numerous special collections, including pieces from the Bodrero Fund, a Twentieth-Century Archive of Venetian Writers (acquired through the Veneto Region) and the recently purchased private library of the linguist Giovan Battista Pellegrini.