Culture and leisure: agreements


  Subscribing to Corriere della Sera

All persons who are part of the academic community and have a Unipd email address can access one of the Corriere della Sera subscription offers:

  • Digita+ gives access to the Corriere Digital Edition with all local editions and supplements from the Web, smartphones and tablets (euro 4.99 per month)
  • Tutto+ offers unlimited access to Corriere della Sera: all site content, Corriere Digital Edition, the Historical Archive and exclusive content such as PrimaOra. Plus Corriere crosswords are included (euro 9.99 per month)

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Museums, shows and cultural activities

  Students at the theatre for 3 euros - An agreement with Teatro Stabile del Veneto

Universities at the Theatreis a project funded by ESU Padua and Venice, in partnership with the Teatro Stabile del Veneto and the Veneto Region. It allows students, PhD students and researchers to attend performances at Teatro Goldoni in Venice, at Teatro Verdi in Padua, and at Teatro Mario Del Monaco in Treviso with tickets costing euro 3.00.
To purchase UAT ‘University students at Theatre' tickets, go to the box office of the theatre where the performance will be staged, and show your ESU card or university badge. You can reserve your seat through the online bookingservice, collecting your ticket later from the ticket office.

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  Lower Arts Drama Review, until April 2023

The Lower Arts drama review is back at the multiplex MPX Multisala with must see shows starring renowned performers and highly topical shows.
There are reductions for students holding the Studiare a Padova Card.

Programme and other information

  OPV Orchestra of Padua and Veneto

For the 57th concert season, OPV offers special reductions for students at the University of Padua for both the price of subscriptions and single concerts: complete cycle (13 concerts) at euro 70.00, instead of euro 215.00; euro 10.00 for single concerts, and euro 5.00 for general rehearsals where envisaged.

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