Cultural initiatives and innovative student projects

Cultural and leisure initiatives proposed by students

The University of Padua promotes students’ activities and their free forms of association that contribute to making study more profitable and to improving the quality of university life.

The initiatives for which funding may be requested concern one or more of the following types:

1. Conferences and seminars;
2. exhibitions;
3. film festivals;
4. theatrical activities, artistic performances;
5. live music concerts including related preparatory workshops;
6. publishing initiatives, student magazines and newspapers;
7. sports initiatives;
8. festivals, i.e. initiatives including at least three of the above types.

Students wishing to apply may submit their application by 19 December 2022 by completing the online procedure.

Online application form 

Innovative student projects aimed at improving education

To improve the quality of didactics, the University evaluates the proposals by verifying the design capacity, the development of an innovative didactic experience, encouraging tools that favour learning processes through the use of new technologies. The evaluation criterion is the development of original ideas, the connection between possible subject areas and the degree of involvement of students. Funding is allocated to the department to which the teacher responsible for and guaranteeing the project refers.