The cotutelle consists of a collaboration between two universities from two different countries aimed at creating a training course for PhD students enrolled in PhD Courses active in the partner universities.
This collaboration requires that the PhD student carry out her thesis work at the two locations for alternating periods preferably of equivalent duration and in any case for a minimum period of six months under the supervision of two supervisors, one for each location. The training path ends with a single exam following which a degree (double or joint) recognized in both countries is issued.

  Requirements and procedures

At the basis of the cotutelle there is an agreement between the Universities: unless a framework agreement is specifically requested by the partner university, a specific (nominative) agreement is sufficient for each PhD student who decides to undertake this path.

The requirements to set up a cotutelle are:

  • enrollment in a PhD program at the University of Padua or at a foreign university;
  • acceptance by home supervisor and prospective host supervisor
  • approval of the competent body of the PhD course of the University of Padua.

Starting from the 38th cycle, there are Guidelines for the Activation of cotutelle agreements that also specify:

  • timing for the request for activation of a cotutelle
  • documentation to be attached to the activation request
  • minimum content of the Individual Agreement
  • reporting duties of co-supervised PhD students