A Buddy for International Students is a student enrolled in a Master’s degree programme (or a single-cycle degree programme) at the University of Padua who, after suitable training, is assigned to a group of international students who have chosen to study at Padua for an entire programme.

The Buddy works in collaboration with the Student Service Office and the Global Engagement Office, under the direct supervision of one or more Coordinating Tutors.

The Buddy is an important support resource helping international students in the various administrative procedures, answering their questions, accompanying them to the University offices in case of need, and, at the same time, help them integrating into university life.

Coordinating Tutors are responsible for coordinating and monitoring Buddy activities and for drawing up a final report on what has been done during the year. Coordinating Tutors are identified within each School of the University.

The following roles will be identified:

  • Coordinating Tutors (up to 3)
  • Buddy Tutors (up to 83)

  Become a Buddy!

To become a Buddy, you need to apply following the instructions in the call for applications, published annually on www.unipd.it/en/study-support.

You can apply and be selected for more than one tutoring project by signing two separate contracts, one for each project. When submitting an application, and during the selection interview, you can also express your willingness to be selected as a Coordinating Tutor.

The activity is paid and is concentrated in the periods August-October and January-March. Buddies, on average, will work 40 hours and Coordinating Tutors 120/160 hours.

A good knowledge of both English and Italian is an essential requirement. Knowledge of other languages, an aptitude for interpersonal relations, and previous experience abroad will be viewed positively.

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