First cycle degree in

Psychological science

Class: L-24 - Psychology

y2024 WUR Subject Psychology badge 100
Class L-24 - Psychology
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language English
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Programme coordinator SABRINA CIPOLLETTA
Access Restricted

Next Call for applications (international students) - A.Y. 2024/25:

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An international course of study held entirely in English that offers students the basic knowledge related to the main areas of psychology including, general, social, and dynamic as well as methods of scientific investigation. Students who want to study in an international environment, or if you are a foreign student who wants to train at the University of Padua, you will benefit from a network of strategic partnerships between institutions in the training sector that offer a valid based training path towards the international job market. Students will be able to pursue professional activities within public and private structures in the areas of psychometric, psychosocial and development assessment, in educational institutions, in companies and in third sector organizations, as well as in the management of human resources.

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Characteristics and objectives
Psychological Science is a first cycle degree course that aims to attract foreign students and Italian students that wish to work abroad. This degree programme allows to acquire basic knowledge of all the main sectors of Psychology and of scientific research methods.

Occupational opportunities
These graduates can find professional occupations in public or private bodies, in education and in enterprises and organisations of the third sector. Under the supervision of a Psychologist (i.e. a graduate with a second cycle degree course) they can work in services caring for the individual, groups, organisations and communities in promoting health. All these sectors are related to psychometric assessment, psychosocial assistance and development of human resources across the life span. This programme supplies the foundations of psychological knowledge to foreign students and to the Italian students that wish to approach the professional labour market at international level.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
This bachelor's degree course allows access to the Master Degree courses enabling the profession of psychologist according to the Law 8 November 2021, n. 163 and subsequent decrees, in particular to the International Master's course programmes provided by the School of Psychology of Padua University, or to any of the Master's degree programmes offered by the School of Psychology of Padua University or by other Italian Universities, according to the prerequisites mentioned in the specific admission notice. Moreover, this Bachelor's degree programme allows access to a Master's degree course offered by foreign Universities. This option is strictly connected with the possibility to create strategic partnerships with other countries for student mobility.