First cycle degree in

Organic crops management (2020/2021)

Class: L-25 - Agriculture and Forestry

Class L-25 - Agriculture and Forestry
Duration 3 years
Branch Legnaro
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Access Restricted
Reference structures Department of agronomy, food, natural resources, animals and the environment, Scuola di agraria e medicina veterinaria

Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
Organic Vegetable Crops Management is a professional degree aimed to train a qualified technical figure able to advice and/or support in the agronomic management of production and bureaucratic requirements coming from organic farmers. Organic vegetable crops insist generally in small and medium-sized farms whose entrepreneurs, in order to remain competitive, must be able to apply innovations in agronomic techniques and product valorization as well as to respond to changes in the regulatory requirements governing the organic sector.
These objectives are achieved throughout a three-year educational path (180 total credits). In the first two years the basic disciplines are strongly oriented to support knowledge of integrated cultivation techniques of vegetable crops (e.g. sustainable uses of non-renewable inputs and integrated pest management) together juridical-economic disciplines (circular economy, marketing and certification of organic production). The third year is devoted, coherently with the ministerial objectives, to training activity at companies /bodies operating in the organic sector. The agreement signed with the Agronomists and Forest Doctors' Order of Veneto will guarantee the placement of trainees in companies, professional agronomist consulting service, cooperatives, etc. where, on the basis of a specific training program, the acquired knowledge will be deepened and consolidated. The acquired knowledge will allow these graduates to perform operational tasks and to respond to organic farmers issues in a particularly dynamic and innovative production context.

Occupational opportunities
Graduates can spend their professional skills in the following areas of work:
- organic farms already operating or in conversion,
- Seed companies specialized in the selection of varieties suitable for organic agriculture
- companies processing and marketing of organic products
- companies for the production of organisms useful in biological control
- agricultural producers' cooperatives
- trade associations
- certification bodies
- Retail buyers
- Technical advisers
- Free entrepreneur in the organic sector

From Bachelor’s degree to Master’s degree
The course does not provide the admission to the master's degree