First cycle degree in

Social and work psychology

Class: L-24 - Psychology

y2024 WUR Subject Psychology badge 100
Class L-24 - Psychology
Duration 3 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
Programme coordinator LAURA DAL CORSO
Access Restricted

A course that offer students the theoretical models of the individual, both singularly and collectively, in terms of their behaviour as it applies to profession and the community. Students will acquire the methods and tools for evaluation, training, orientation, selection, assessment and organizational analysis, and specific knowledge related to intragroup and problems found in organizations and communities. Students will develop the skills needed to plan informative, advertising, and marketing campaigns, as well as implementing prevention and intervention programs. Students can use the knowledge and skills gained from the course to work as psychologist, helping people in difficulty such as in cases of burnout and mobbing, or in other areas of social and organizational development such as personnel selection, orientation to work or change work and the promotion of harmonious relationships between members of different cultures.

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Characteristics and objectives
This first cycle degree course allows students to develop knowledge and competences useful to understand and interpret the typical situations of individual, social, and work psychology. They include: well-being and individual empowerment; basis knowledge characterizing the various fields of psychology; continuing education, related to psychological issues, in work and organizational environments; assessment and recruiting; intragroup dynamics; intergroup conflict and cooperation; marketing and consumer behaviour; use of psychosocial instruments in public opinion polls and in action-research methodology; attitudes and antecedents of social behaviour.
The training involves all the areas of psychology and gives particular importance to themes typical of social and work psychology, with attention to theoretical, methodological, and applied aspects.

Occupational opportunities
Graduates can find occupation, working anyway under the supervision of a psychologist enrolled in the A section of the professional register, in the following areas: recruiting, marketing and market research; psychosocial research; cooperation and integration between groups and people belonging to different cultures.

From Bachelor's degree to Master's degree
The degree course allows access to master's degree courses enabling the profession of Psychologist in accordance with law: 8 November 2021, n. 163 and subsequent decrees.
The admission to the MD courses takes place according to the procedures that are indicated in the specific calls.