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Lara Agostini is Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Engineering, University of Padova where she is head of the courses “Business Economics and Organization”, Bachelor’s degree in Product Innovation Management, and “New product development management”, Master’s degree in Product Innovation Management, University of Padova.
She obtained her Master’s degree in Management Engineering (final mark 110/110 cum laude) and she holds a Ph.D. in Management Engineering.
Her scientific activity revolves around two main areas of research: the organization and management of inter-organizational relationships and the management of intellectual capital and intangible assets. In these domains, she published more than 40 articles in international journals as Long Range Planning, International Journal of Management Reviews, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Management Decision, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management.
Lara Agostini was Associate Editor of Journal of Small Business Management and she is now Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Management Decision and European Journal of Innovation Management. In addition, she participated in the organization of different special issues, serving as Guest Editor in different international journals as Journal of Knowledge Management, Management Decision, European Journal of Innovation Management.
She won several international awards for her scientific research, as Best Paper Award for the article “Open innovation with scientific partners and patenting: the moderating role of the internal context for innovation” presented at the 12th IFKAD Conference, Saint Petersburg (Russia), 2017; John Bessant Best Paper Award for the article: “Towards an integrated view of ambidexterity: an empirical investigation” presented at the CINet Conference, Budapest (Hungary), 2014; Best student Paper Award for the article: “Patented Inventions in Mechanical Small and Medium Enterprises: Does Quality influence performance?” presented at the IAMB Conference, Lisbon (Portugal), 2013; Highly Recommended Paper Award for the article: “Protecting Intellectual Property to enhance firm performance: does it work for SMEs?” presented at the IFKAD Conference, Matera (Italy), 2012.
She was Visiting Researcher at the department of Human Resources and Change Management (Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria), within the scope of the research project on the theme of the management of networks among SMEs, and she has collaborations with universities at an international level in Brazil, Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands. Moreover, she is active in collaborating with colleagues of other Italian universities.
Furthermore, she was Communication Manager in the INTERREG Central Europe project INNOPEER AVM: “PEER-to-peer network of INNOvation agencies and business schools developing a novel transnational qualification programme on AdVanced Manufacturing for the needs of Central European SME” (2017-2020).


Office hours

  • at Primo Piano - Complesso San Nicola
    Su appuntamento via e-mail.


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