Unismart Padova Enterprise


Unismart is the wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Padova in charge of managing all the technology transfer and innovation consulting activities directed to companies, industrial associations, professionals, investors, banks, and other public and private bodies – both on a national and international scale.

Unismart is the one-stop-shop to systematically commercialize the most promising multidisciplinary research results and intellectual property along the innovation chain, leveraging on the competences and networks of the university.

Unismart systematically assists its 5000 researchers from 32 Departments as well as its 60,000 students in maximizing the exposure of their research which has market potential, making sure it is brought in front of the most relevant stakeholders to generate impact on society.

Unismart daily collaborate with industry by:

  • working closely together with entrepreneurs and c-level execs of innovative companies to investigate their most pressing business challenges and to support them elaborating effective strategies;
  • identifying the best-matching set of technologies, multidisciplinary skills and competences in the university that can be used to solve the company’s challenges;
  • managing complex research projects, ensuring on-time and on-quality delivery to the end customer, while guaranteeing full protection and the best valorization of all intellectual property;
  • identifying the best talents to support the implementation of innovative projects as well as company growth.

All innovative companies willing to work with the University of Padova, benefitting of the many services offered by Unismart, can become networking partner and join its “Innovation Community”.

Further information about Unismart’s services: