The university hub

The university hub

In December 2003, the University of Padua signed a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Prison Administration of the Italian Ministry of Justice to bring university education into the prison environment, promoting training for people in detention throughout the Triveneto area. 

The project involves all adult penal institutions in the Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige regions. Due to its location, the ‘Due Palazzi’ penal institute in Padua, the only prison in the Veneto Region, has been identified and therefore chosen as the main venue for the academic activities held in the prison.

In 2013, the project, already well established locally, was enhanced by the signing of the Declaration of Intent, which recognises the University of Padua’s role as a leader in sharing similar training experiences across the country.

The project currently also seeks to involve male and female students on licence and post-imprisonment.

Specifically, the University Hub is a section of the Padua Prison specifically dedicated to university studies.

The aim of the structural, logistical and organisational features of this ad hoc section is to offer a conciliatory environment for study (common rooms, extended visiting hours for lecturers and tutors, internet connection according to limitations, library, etc.).

All students enrolled in the university are supported in their various study activities through the services offered by the Tutoring Sector of the Student Services Office, which promotes meetings with lecturers and teachers, as well as scheduling supporting teaching cycles for certain subjects and offering the opportunity of taking examinations on prison premises with the attendance of regular, specially appointed examining boards.

There are currently 63 students enrolled at the University of Padua who are detained in men’s penal institutions or on alternative sentences. 

Among the many initiatives and conferences proposed and planned within the Prison Hub (see Italian website page), the University also organises the annual inauguration of the Academic Year in prison.

Inauguration of the Academic Year at the ‘Due Palazzi’ Prison - 11 June 2022

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