Trusted Advisor

A Trusted Advisor, as foreseen with the 2004 publication of the Code of Conduct of the University of Padua, guarantees all those who study and work within the University the right to be protected from any act or form of discriminatory behavior, especially those with a sexual or harassing nature.

Those advocating as a Trusted Advisor are external bodies of the University of Padua appointed by the Rector after ascertaining their human and professional experience. Trusted Advisors are tasked with providing legally protected advice and assistance for those reporting any form of sexual or harassing behaviors. You can ask to access administrative records or documents and make use of internal or external consultants (such as lawyers, psychologists, and social workers). Trusted Advisors submit an annual report on activities to the Rector, the Academic Senate, and the Equal Opportunities Committee. The report shares information and proposes training actions and initiatives aimed at ensuring equal dignity and freedom for those at the University.

The Office to the Trusted Advisor offers a dedicated secretarial service to manage appointments. All services and information are protected under the rules of client confidentiality.

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Trusted Advisor

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