ERC meets MSCA: Antonino Milone and Anna Marino

Antonino Milone and Anna Marino tell us about science, mobility and their common passion for stars.

Antonino Milone (ERC) and Anna Marino (MSCA)

Antonino and Anna have been reaching for the stars since a very young age. Starting from Padova, where they met during their master degree, they have later studied and worked in several Countries - from Chile, to the Canary Islands, to the Max Plank Institute for Astrophysics in Munich, to Australia.

They are now back to Padova to carry out highly challenging research projects. Antonino is managing a ERC Starting Grant on the series of events that led from massive clouds in the early Universe to the GCs we see today, with their multiple populations, Anna is a MSCA Individual fellow focusing on newly discovered generations of stars in globular cluster. By the way, Antonino and Anna are husband and wife!