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  Call for student co-designed projects: Enhancing inter-institutional student experience within Arqus 2023

The Arqus Alliance is pleased announces a call for co-designed projects aimed at enhancing the inter-institutional student experience within Arqus. The goal of this Call is to support innovative and collaborative initiatives that will promote cultural exchange and the integration of international students across the Arqus member universities.

Students are at the heart of the Alliance’s activities and their participation and engagement is promoted in multiple ways. These include the Arqus Student Council, the sponsor of this call, whose aim is to encourage student participation in the decision-making process of the Alliance itself, as well as the Arqus Student Agora, a forum for student participation and networking.

Through this funding support, Arqus wishes to promote projects that will shape the Alliance educational environment, with the aim of enhancing student engagement,  consolidate the community and support students’ personal and professional development.

To apply, please fill out the following application formThe application deadline is 17th June.

  Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund - deadline: 3 July 2023

The Arqus European University Alliance is pleased to offer one scholarship through its Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund, designed to attract and retain talent at the postgraduate level from around the world.

This scholarship opportunity is reserved to postgraduate students who want to pursue a Master’s Degree Programme at one of the Arqus partner universities (Granada, Graz, Leipzig, Lyon 1, Maynooth, Minho, Padua, Vilnius and Wroclaw) including a compulsory mobility at a second Arqus partner university.

Priority will be given to students with fewer opportunities, refugees/asylum seekers and applicants with a Bachelor’s degree not obtained at the Arqus university where they will undertake the master’s degree or where they are currently enrolled.

For more information, please visit our website:

If you have any further questions, please send an email

Deadline for applications is: 3 July 2023 (23:59 CEST) 

Link to the online application platform:

  SFRI Scholarships. Honour Tracks – Cancer 2023-2024. Deadline: June 2, 2023

The University of Lyon1 with the SFRI Scholarships supports excellent students that wish
to take up their master’s studies and PhD in France. The scholarship will start during the academic year 2023-

Within the framework of the International Development Graduate Track (SFRI – InnovInOnco), the University of Lyon1 offers a full student’s scholarship for 4 years:
• 10 months M2 scholarship – 600 €/months
• 3 years PhD grants – 40 k€/year

More information

Application Deadline: the deadline for applications is June 2, 2023

  I Call Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund - deadline: May 31, 2023 (23:59 CET)

The Arqus Talent Scholarship is a Scholarship Scheme designed to attract and retain talent at postgraduate level from around the world.

We are looking for talented graduates and students who want to pursue a Doctoral Degree at one of the Arqus partner universities (Granada, Graz, Leipzig, Lyon 1, Maynooth, Minho, Padua, Vilnius and Wroclaw) including a compulsory mobility at a second Arqus partner.
A following Second Call will be dedicated to Master students.

Conditions of the Scholarship

The scholarship is composed as follows:
1. Subsistence allowance to cover the living costs, medical insurance and a materials allowance: 1,400.00€/month
2. Coverage of tuition fees at the student’s entrance university for the duration of the scholarship
3. Special needs fund: 250€/month

Link to the online application platform:
For further details on conditions and application please check the main Arqus website.
Please direct your enquiries to

  Arqus Community of Practice - Deadline: March 17, 2023

Arqus opens the call for expressions of interest to constitute formal Communities of Practice within the Arqus Alliance, either from pre-existing or entirely new groups of professionals.

Once constituted, Arqus will offer each Community logistic support where needed from the core Arqus team and, once the Arqus Digital Platform is available, a collaborative space on the Arqus Learning Management System (LMS), other IT solutions for virtual meetings and events.
Similarly, members of Communities will receive formal certification and recognition as established at each Arqus member university.

Proposals should involve professionals or academics from at least 4 of the nine full members of Arqus, and may also involve members from associate partners.

Deadline to submit proposals: March 17, 2023

Info in the Arqus website

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