How to start a Spin-off

A University spin-off is a business founded by researchers to enhance the results of their own research activity and scientific knowledge, in which University of Padova may be a partner. Researchers, as partners, share the profits. From the legal viewpoint, a spin-off is no different from an ordinary business enterprise.
The particularity of spin-offs lies in in the fact that they are promoted, created and developed by one or more people who have a close relationship with the research world and use the know-how developed within research organisations in their business activity.

How to start a Spin-off

The University of Padua enhances the creation of spin-offs, because it is the main tool to transfer technology to the market, but the activities of the spin-off must be clearly separate from the institutional and commercial activities which researchers can perform within the University.

The Technology Transfer Office offers management consulting services to researchers willing to start a spin-off company and helps them in writing the business plan and in contacting industrial and financial partners.

A researcher willing to start a spin-off company can get in touch with the T.T.O. for a first information meeting. Afterwards, he/she must submit a spin-off proposal to the Spin-off Commission of the University using the form and the exhibits described in the Spin-off Regulations.
Spin-offs may be hosted in the University business incubator Start Cube.

Spin-offs data base of the University of Padova

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