ERC Grantee: Judit Gervain

… Then I got one of these “Ah-ah” moments! 

Judit Gervain is a Full Professor at the Department of Developmental and Social Psychology. She is PI of an ERC Consolidator Grant on language acquisition (BabyRythm). 

“The idea of the research grant, which is on babies’ prenatal experience, is something I’ve been thinking for a really long time, maybe 4-5 years before I actually got the Grant. But the ideas were not coming together, I had something vague in my mind but it was not very clear. Then I got one of these “Ah-ah” moments under the shower one morning. I was like “that’s the question!  Now I know!”. From then on it was really easy to design experiments and set up a research programme”. 

Judit has 3 post docs (Jessica Gemignani, Irene de la Cruz Pavia, Anna Martinez Alvarez) and one PhD student (Caroline Nallet) in her research team. 

“Working with Judit is great” Jessica, a biomedical engineer by training, reports. “For me the most important part was finding a good supervisor because that’s the best way to learn, basically”. 

Watch the whole interview with Judit’s research group.

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