Coordination of Triveneto Universities for Inclusion (UNI3V)

An Inclusive University

The universities of the Triveneto region share a common interest in establishing a coordination network meant to encourage the inclusion and full participation of students with disabilities and specific learning disorders in university life.

On February 9, 2017, the Rectors of the universities of Bolzano, Padua, Trento, Trieste, Udine, Cà Foscari, IUAV and Verona signed the agreement establishing the Coordination of Triveneto Universities for Inclusion (UNI3V).

Recognizing that vulnerable people may be affected by the surrounding environment, UNI3V promotes actions aimed at strengthening the culture of inclusion by acting on a personal and contextual dimension.

Framework agreement for the Coordination of Triveneto Universities for Inclusion (UNI3V)


On May 22, 2018, the Coordination of Triveneto Universities for Inclusion - UNI3V met in Padua and agreed on the need to provide services for the inclusion of students with vulnerabilities and to gradually proceed in harmonizing the values, mission, and purposes of Universities involved.  The aim is to promote the use of an inclusive language and to build a shared support network.

To this end, the Universities of Padua, Venice Cà Foscari, Venice IUAV and Verona, with the collaboration of the Veneto Region, organized the post-graduate Master course “Inclusion and social innovation” for the Academic year 2018/2019.

The UNI3V Coordination, which sponsored the Master course, agreed on the opportunity for full collaboration and participation of its members in order to a professional network.

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Delegate for Inclusion and Disability