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The University of Padua is expanding the Eduroam network’s coverage in its areas. The network is open to all students and staff members of the University of Padua as well as to guests coming from other institutions participating in the education roaming.

What's eduroam?

Eduroam is a secure wireless network. It has been developed for the education and research community and it is used by millions of users from thousands of universities in more than 70 countries worldwide. Thanks to Eduroam, users from any institution participating in the initiative can connect to internet at their home institution as well as other institutions where the network access is available.

How to get connected

To access Eduroam you first need to configure your device (tablet, smartphone, laptop) and install the digital certificate to activate your device and make the internet connectivity secure. This procedure is specific for each institution and must be run only once at your home institution since support for Eduroam is provided by your home institution.

If you have already activated Eduroam at your home institution, you can continue to get connected through your credentials issued by your home institution; no other action will be necessary.

More information on how to access, the eduroam network coverage at Unipd and the user support service can be found on the information website:

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