Other opportunities

  Tsinghua Global Summer School 2020

International students from collaborative institutions (including the University of Padua) are welcome to attend the virtual Summer School 'Toward a Post-Pandemic World' organised by the Tsinghua University from 20th to 28th July 2020. Eligible students will receive a full scholarship which covers all the tuition fees and related administrative costs. 

Deadline: 15th July 2020

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  The Fulbright Program

The US - Italy Fulbright Commission assists prospective, future and present grantees by providing an information service for study and research opportunities in the United States and Italy.

Fulbright grants to Italy are awarded for teaching, to carry out a study or research project, to serve as expert consultants on curriculum, faculty development, institutional planning and related subjects at Italian universities. Grants are also awarded to assist English language teachers in Italian high schools.
Applicants should have sufficient proficiency in written and spoken Italian to carry out their project.

For any further information: http://www.fulbright.it/

  Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advertises information about study and job opportunities abroad for Italians, and it offers opportunities for study and work available in Italy for foreign citizens and Italians living abroad.

Work and Study Opportunities for Foreigners

  MCI - Mobility CONFAP Italy

The MCI – Mobility CONFAP Italy programme aims to support collaboration between CONFAP (National Council of Research Support Foundations) and the Italian Network (of which the University of Padova is a member) throughout mobility at Master (only for research periods), PhD and Post-Doc level in a variety of fields including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering.

Candidates must be resident in Brazil.

For further information about academic opportunities available at the University of Padova, please check the MCI platform

  Erasmus+ Virtual Exchanges (EVE)

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is a new flagship programme established by the European Commission in 2018, with the goal to expand the reach and scope of the Erasmus+ programme via Virtual Exchange (telecollaboration), that is: technology-enabled, sustained, people-to-people dialogues which use new media platforms -  involving young people from Europe and the South Mediterranean.

There are many ways for students to get involved in EVE. While there will be more opportunities throughout 2018, the very first EVE activities have opened calls for participation for programmes which will start in March - and the deadlines are  very close. Participation for students is free of charge.

The Soliya Connect Program
Soliya’s Connect Program is a cross-cultural education program integrated into university courses across a variety of disciplines that gives students the opportunity to engage in facilitated dialogue and build meaningful relationships across national, cultural, religious, and ideological boundaries. Through Soliya’s web-conferencing platform, students speak face-to-face in facilitated global groups of 10 participants, where they can comfortably explore perspectives, uncover biases, and better understand different cultures. More information: https://www.soliya.net
Students who are interested in applying should complete this form.
Deadline to express interest: 26th February, 2018

An online virtual exchange about European Refuge/es
This programme brings refugees and non-refugees together to explore how to create truly integrated societies in diverse countries where migration is part and parcel of economic and social life. This is achieved by discussing issues affecting both communities and what it means to be a citizen in Europe, through facilitated online seminars that foster trust and mutual understanding.
During this 10-week program, participants from refugee and non-refugee background across Europe will follow webinars from expert academics and practitioners in the field. Participants will meet weekly in small groups in a tailored virtual classroom to explore their own as well as each other’s perspectives and will jointly participate in video-project whereby they interview a peer through which they facilitate the interaction between peers across Europe.
The programme starts in March 2018.
Deadline for student registration: 26th February, 2018