Second cycle degree in

European and american languages and literatures (2020/2021)

Class: LM-37 - Modern American and European languages and literature

Class LM-37 - Modern American and European languages and literature
Duration 2 years
Branch Padova
Language Italian
Tuition fees and scholarships
President of the Course of Study GABRIELE BIZZARRI
Access Open access with admission requirements

The second Call for applications A.Y. 2020/21 for international students is available on according to the following timeline:

  • 7th April-7th June: non-EU applicants residing outside Italy
  • 7th April-7th July: EU applicants of equivalent

Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives
The Master’s Degree in European and American Languages and Literatures
offers an educational project eminently focused on the study of two
foreign languages and cultures. Besides training its students for the
daily use of the two languages of their choice, enhancing both oral
and written skills with professional and cultural specificities, the
Course aims at transmitting a deep knowledge of each respective
literary tradition, with specific attention for the transmission of
competences about the historical and socio-cultural contexts they are
framed into, and a special interest for the development of a
comparative dialogue between them, meant to serve the purpose of
mutual enlightenment and 'mediation’.
A specific interest is also devoted to the theory and practice of
translation (broadly specialized, literary, etc…) and didactics of
foreign languages. Students who aspire at gaining a M. D. in European
and American Languages and Literatures will, therefore, be asked to
prove a high degree of theoretical and practical knowledge of the
languages of their choice, as well as an ability to properly manage
different techniques for analysing and describing literary texts, to
adequately project them in a historical-critical perspective, and to
interpret them with satisfactory autonomy. Also, they will have to
prove their capability of critically communicating complex cultural
contents in both 'curricular’ foreign languages, both in spoken and
written form.

Occupational opportunities
The Course prepares expert professionals specialized in foreign
languages and cultures, who will be able, as such, to carry out
qualified tasks in teaching, translation, publishing and cultural
mediation, as well as, more generally, in any work environment with a
specific international projection.